Day 150: Night Running

Day 150

Today I was  able to hitch a ride home with one of my coworkers and so avoided the traffic mess on the main roads.  This meant that I had sufficient time to put in my planned HIIT session in the evening.  It was my first time to go running at night around our subdivision; luckily, there weren’t many loose dogs on the streets so I wasn’t stopping too often to avoid being chased!  I did 15 rounds of 30s run/30s walk at sub-maximal pace, followed by a 5 minute walk to cool down a bit.

Nutrition today was quite good, though I missed my planned protein shake mid-morning as I was busy interviewing some job applicants.  I did have two of my meals at work pre-prepared, which was good.  I’ve already got a favourite place to go with my co-workers for lunch; the place serves a very good grilled chicken and rice with vegetables.  It’s a place I can rely on to get myself a good balanced meal and still be able to re-connect with my coworkers.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 150 - Front Day 150 - Back Day 150 - Side

5 thoughts on “Day 150: Night Running

  1. As always very well planned Ron… it’s great to find good things to eat even when you don’t get the chance to prepare meals… lately, I eat with a friend who also likes to watch what she eats, and it’s great to know that I can take to cesar salads for us, knowing that is a great meal: protein and fibrous carbs, good for low and high carb days… also, there’s a restaurant that serves the grilled chicken salad with lots of almonds, so it’s great for low carb days… well… I clicked on the link you added on your post, and MAN! YOU LOOK SERIOUSLY DIFFERENT, ALREADY PACKED A FEW KILOS OF MUSCLE! great Ron!

  2. I didn´t fill in the data on the left, so your blog ate my words. Just wanted to say that am pleased you are getting settled in. Take care amigo!

  3. Hi Celina and Jason, I agree with it being difficult to find reliably healthy places to eat. Thanks for the nice comments. Hope to continue packing on some lean mass!

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