Day 149: Compliments do help with progress in the gym!

Day 149

After a long day at work, I endured a 50-minute bus ride over just under 5km to get to the gym — the traffic management in my town is a shambles!

I was able to increase my 5X5 squats by another 2.5 kg (to 102.5kg).  Midway through my squats, I saw and caught up with one of my acquaintances at the gym, and was pleased to be complimented on my progress!  Because of this, I felt strong and pushed my way hard through the five sets.  So I’d also like to thank those who keep supporting me on my blog.  Your feedback and encouragement works wonders!

I was not as successful with my 5X5 barbell overhead presses though, and just like before, couldn’t complete the fifth rep on both the fourth and fifth sets.  I’ll have another go at it in a few days, and if I stall again, I’ll drop the weight a few notches and maybe do some supplementary work.

Deadlifts were not a problem; one set of 5 reps at 115kg.  The bars in my “home” gym are not as new, so they were a bit kinder on my hands while doing the deadlift.  This time, the real stress was on my whole back, both lower and upper as I strove to keep my core nice and tight and my shoulders pulled back.

Finally, with pullups, I was able to do 28 in total over three sets.  Not a record, but close.

Nutrition was better today than yesterday.  I was able to prepare two of my meals at work in the morning.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 149 - Front Day 149 - Back Day 149 - Side

8 thoughts on “Day 149: Compliments do help with progress in the gym!

  1. Ron, congrats on the excellent weight training session. I find that compliments definitely keep me motivated and so does having a training partner. If I have no partner with me, I must have my favorite music blaring on my ipod.

  2. Dude – 28 pull ups is a great accomplishment! You are such an encouragement to the Shreddersphere. Your progress from last July is fantastic. You ought to post a comparison pic.

  3. hey lifting great weights now!! Compliments usually make us remember our PRW and give us that extra power we need to give it ALL. Great workout Ron, your physique is improving a lot!!

  4. Ron was this the same guy at the gym that used to comment on your physique before? If so it must be cool to see his opinion changing as you improve 🙂 You’re turning into a BEAST, mate – really bulking up.

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