Day 148: Adjusting to a new game environment

Day 148

Monday and it’s straight back to work for me.  It was a pretty busy day as I had some catching up to do at the office, and additionally had to organize some interviews over the next few days as we need to get more staff.  I also helped one of our junior managers interview some applicants.

I wasn’t able to do my planned early evening HIIT session today, as I forgot that I had to attend mass (it’s a day of obligation) at my only available time.  I didn’t want to go late-night running as it isn’t very safe to do so where I live.

Nutrition was generally good, but my lunch was not very good (fried chicken w/o skin plus rice) as I wasn’t able to prepare lunch food for work yet.  Hopefully I can change that little by little over the next few days as I get some preparation and cooking time.  Normally, I would have prepared my meals over the weekends, but I simply did not have time this weekend to do so yet.

Planning my time properly will be key for me in this new game environment.  I spend a lot more time here commuting to/from work (almost 2 hours per day compared to around 30-45 minutes when I was in Australia) so that eats up a significant portion of the time I have for doing other stuff. Still, I treat this new challenge as just another puzzle to solve, and I love good puzzles.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 148 - Front Day 148 - Back Day 148 - Side

5 thoughts on “Day 148: Adjusting to a new game environment

  1. Hi Ron,
    I missed a few days, so caught up on you and how it´s going. So glad to find you settled in and with your family again. What fun! Don´t worry about the little setbacks…you´ll be going ahead full force when you get the kinks ironed out. Good luck to you and hope this change will be the best ever for you.

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