Day 147: I squatted 1.5 times my bodyweight!

Day 147

I realized that this Friday afternoon (Dec 12th) is our scheduled office Christmas celebration, so instead of resuming my StrongLifts 5X5 workouts tomorrow (on an M-W-F schedule), I decided to start the training week a day early, following a S-T-Th schedule this week.

I went back to my “home” gym this afternoon, and did 5X5 squats, 5X5 barbell bench presses, 5X5 hang cleans, and 3X5 pushups, followed by my core workout following the Flatten Your Abs program.

For squats, I added another 2.5 kg to my previous weight, that means I’m now doing 100kg!  This is now exactly 1.5 times my current body weight of 66.6kg, which I had measured this morning.  As I had taken a day off from training last Friday, I made sure to warm up properly by doing hurdle stretches and duck-unders, plus some side squats too.  I put myself under the bar, and got the first 5 reps in!  That first set was quite a challenge, as even though I had stretched earlier, the first set always stretches the muscles more, and I really felt the inside of my left thigh get stretched.  I think this is because my left hip is not as flexible as my right hip.  I took three minutes between each squat set, and as I went through each set, my hips felt better and I was able to concentrate on moving the weight.  I was able to complete the five sets (with lots of grunting)!

Next was barbell bench presses at 67.5kg.  No problems there either, as with hang cleans at 52.5kg.  After that was 3X5 weighted pushups.  I was supposed to do 22.5kg today, but I wasn’t able to use my backpack for it.  Instead, I was able to find a gym instructor (the gym instructors in my gym seem to make themselves invisible most of the time) to put a 20kg plate behind my back.  Next time I hope it’s easier to get find some assistance in the gym.  Finally, I did my core training and did some stretches while cooling down.

Nutrition today was balanced, though I wasn’t able to really get a good calorie count as I have not had time yet to prepare my own meals.  Though I wasn’t able to prepare my own meals other than the second one (a protein oatmeal), all the rest were within my recommended food lists and I didn’t feel like I overate on any meal.

After I went to the gym, I did some groceries and am now planning to cook my own protein sources tomorrow evening.  I didn’t have time tonight to do this as I went out to dinner with my family, as a kind of welcome-back given by one of my brothers.  It was a bit difficult to find the same stuff I was used to preparing before while I was in Australia (like frozen veg and filleted fish), so I’ll have to make some adjustments.  That means I’ll have to wing it a bit over the next few days while I work out what can be my regular food choices.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 147 - Front Day 147 - Back Day 147 - Side

9 thoughts on “Day 147: I squatted 1.5 times my bodyweight!

  1. 100 kgs. good milestone! for some people it’s kind of a psychological barrier… now your seriously training huh? keep it up Ron! good work now at home!

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