Day 146: Back in Manila

Day 146

I arrived back in Manila safe and sound.  I was able to have all of my meals more or less on schedule, and all clean and well balanced.  I was served a diabetic meal on the plane even if I did not specifically request it this time; perhaps this is because I requested it on my outbound flight.  This time the meals turned out better than I expected, as the last time it was a bit too bland for me.

I’m happy to be back home together with my family.  I know that there will be a new set of challenges presented by being in a new environment, but hey, that just makes the journey more exciting!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend.


Day 146 - Front Day 146 - Back Day 146 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 146: Back in Manila

  1. Home sweet home!! huh? Well, It’s good to be back, and yes, all those changes make the journey like.. more fun.. you know.. changing frecuently.. the body feels it, different weathers, different food, well.. keep it up Ron!

  2. Hi Celina and Mike, thanks for your constant support. Exciting times for me these next few days will be.

    Mike, look out for me there around March or April next year.

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