Day 145: A day in Sydney

Day 145

I was able to put in my planned HIIT session (20 minutes) at the park near their house in the morning.  After that, I spent the day having quality time with my cousins and Aunt in Sydney, first visiting an art gallery, then having an afternoon snack at a chocolate cafe (my “exception” meal).  Aside from breakfast and dinner, which were compliant, my two other meals were not ideal, but I controlled my portions and didn’t overeat.  I supplemented with a protein shake to make sure I get enough protein to help my muscles recover and grow.

I wasn’t able to take my standard front, back, and side photos today, as I didn’t have any opportunity to do so, but was able to take a quick picture.  I experimented with my camera’s “smile shutter” mode, which forced me to have an extra big smile before it snapped a shot.

Tomorrow I fly back to Manila.  I’m enjoying my little break this weekend while travelling and reconnecting with my family in Sydney and Manila.  However, I’m looking also looking forward to Monday when I’ll be back in the gym pushing and pulling heavy iron again!

Enjoy your weekends!


Day 145 - Front


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