Day 144: Hopping over to Sydney

Day 144

Hi y’all Shredders!

I got barely 6 hours of sleep last night as I went through the process of sorting my stuff and deciding what to dispose and what to bring back with me to Manila. I feel like I’ve been moving house almost every 2 to 3 months over the past year. Incidentally, that’s about the length of time it takes for me to accumulate enough stuff that it almost begins to feel like being at home. That is to say, I ended up packing a lot of stuff (including four bottles of wine from the Barossa), so I had to stop at 1 AM midway into packing, and then wake up at 7 AM to continue. After completing my packing, I proceeded to the office to do some more work before proceeding to the airport.

I had breakfast as usual, but I also packed my 4 succeeding meals for the day, so I didn’t have any problems sticking to the meal schedule. Though I prepared my meals to be right about my maintenance level (as I had no training for today), I felt hungry quite quickly. I think my body is asking for more food to recover from the stress I had placed on it over the past two workouts (especially yesterday). I actually had my 5th meal on the plane to Sydney (one of the ones I prepared ahead of time), but as I was feeling still a bit hungry, I had some of the pasta served by the cabin crew. My final meal was taken at my aunt’s place in Sydney, a balanced one with lots of veggies.

Tomorrow, I plan to do some HIIT work in the morning, in lieu of weight training in the afternoon (StrongLifts recommends at least 48 hours between session); I have no time to go to the gym tomorrow afternoon as I’ll be spending time with my relatives.  I also realized that this week was actually my 7th week of being on the StrongLifts 5X5 program, so I think it is a good time to take a mini-break from weight training to recharge.  Perfect!  I’ll hit the gym again on Monday.

Eat clean, train hard, remember to have some recovery time, and expect success!


Day 144 - Front Day 144 - Back Day 144 - Side

3 thoughts on “Day 144: Hopping over to Sydney

  1. So glad that all is going well for you. Am watching to see when you get home and hear all the fun. Take care!

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