Day 143: Another big day at the gym

Day 143

My legs, back, and traps were still a bit sore today from Monday’s workout.  Still, after work today, I went to the gym to do my Stronglifts 5X5 program.  On my training plan were squats (5X5), barbell OH press (5X5), deadlifts (1X5), and chinups (3 sets to failure), followed by Flatten Your Abs core training.

Every squat workout now is a challenge.  Today’s weight of 97.5kg is again higher than my previous max on 5X5 full squats, and I was really feeling it!  I took a bit more warmup stretches than usual: hurdle stretches, bar duck-unders, and side squats.  As always, the first set was difficult as the muscles start feeling the stretch under the heavy load, but though the mobility improved as each set progressed, it became harder and harder to complete each set.  This time, I was feeling a bit woozy after each set, so I took up to three minutes between each set throughout today’s session in order to recover.  Surprisingly, the 5th set of squats went just a tiny bit easier than the 4th set, but still took a lot of effort!

Second was BB overhead press at 47.5 kg.  Last time I was just able to conquer 45kg, so I wasn’t surprised when I couldn’t complete 5X5, but stalled at the 5th rep of the 4th and 5th sets.  Though I stalled today, I was pretty satisfied with my effort.  I figure I will need to work hard for every weight increase now — so be it!

Deadlifts were not as big a problem as it was only one set of 5, but at 110kg without using straps or gloves, it was pretty hard on the skin on my hands.  I’ll try to stick to bare hands until my hands really couldn’t take it, then I might start using straps, which I have back in Manila.  I’m getting pretty close now to my max deadlift of 120kg.

After deadlifts were three sets of chinups to failure.  I was able to do 15, 9, and then 7 for a total of 31 today, which is just 1 short of my previous 3-set max.

After weight training, I did my core exercises and then some foam rolling on my legs, glutes, and upper and lower back.  Hopefully this helps with speeding up recovery.

Tomorrow, I won’t have time to do my HIIT session as I’ll be travelling in the evening.  It would be a welcome break for my legs, though!

I’m flying out of Adelaide early tomorrow evening after work, stopping over in Sydney.  I’ll stay there two nights, then I’ll be catching my flight back to Manila. I haven’t packed my bags yet, so a long night ahead for me tonight!

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 143 - Front Day 143 - Back Day 143 - Side

10 thoughts on “Day 143: Another big day at the gym

  1. Great workout ron!
    I know what you mean with feeling woozy after squats.
    It seems that every time I do it, im blocking the blood flow through my traps a bit.


  2. I have to admit that squats (weighted, not bodyweight) are one exercise I haven’t done. My gym only has a smiths machine, which from what I understand is less than ideal as it doesn’t allow natural movement.

    I had planned to follow the 5×5 Stronglifts program after you mentioned it, Ron, but couldn’t because as you’ve mentioned squats are integral to it. I could lift the bar from the ground and do squats, but that would become difficult once I get into the heavy weights 🙂

    I hope your trip to Sydney and then Manila goes well, mate!! It must be good to be going home again.

  3. Hey Danny, for me, I get woozy whenever I exert great effort on my lifts, usually on deadlifts or squats. My resting blood pressure is usually a tad lower than normal (110/70 instead of 120/80) so I think that’s what causes it.

  4. Hey Mark,

    Though you may not be doing the 5X5 program to completion (to heavy weights), learning to do squats with a bar will be a good foundation for future strength training. At least learn the proper movement patterns using the empty bar, then progress little by little.

    And yes, it would be good to be home for Christmas!

    Cheers, Ron

  5. Great workout Ron, you could even almost complete the full 5×5 on the OH press.. with 2.5 more! that’s great… making huge gains! have a nice and safe trip to Manila!… we’ll be checking up on you!

  6. Hey Ron! Looks like you are doing well! You gave Mark some good advice on the squats. I have been doing weighted squats for about a month now. My problem is that since I work out at home, I’m limited to about 50 lbs…since that is about how much I can lift up and over my head to place on my shoulders to squat. I don’t have a squat rack….hmmm….My hubbie is a metal fabricator. Sounds like something to ask for, for Christmas! So are you definitely going home for Christmas?????

  7. Hi Ron. Have a great trip back home. Won´t that be neat to see all your family again? They are going to be soooooooooo impressed by you and how great you are looking. Take care, good trip and have a marvelous time.

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