Day 142: Last HIIT run by the beach this year

Day 142

Hello Shredders!

Today was quite a busy day.  I’m leaving Adelaide in two days (Thursday), returning in February, so I’m tying up some loose ends at work.  I also picked up a few things which I’ll be bringing back with me to Manila.

I did not forget my planned HIIT session today, which was a little over 20 minutes of 30s run/30s walk near-maximal intervals.  I tried to push myself hard, even as I was still quite sore from last night’s workout, as this would be my last HIIT session by the beach here in Adelaide this year.  The sun was out, but the wind was blowing quite hard and a bit cold.  Halfway into my workout (at my turning point on the jogging path), I felt pain on my diaphragm (side stitches).  I didn’t stop though and still managed to complete the session, albeit a bit slower on the return leg, which was doubly hard as I was running against the wind on that leg.

I know I’ll miss these beachside runs when I go back to running through the relatively chaotic village streets of my home town.

Eat clean, train hard, expect success!


Day 142 - Front Day 142 - Back Day 142 - Side

5 thoughts on “Day 142: Last HIIT run by the beach this year

  1. Hi Ron, stopping by to say hello. I too would miss beach runs. Actually, I’d just miss a sunny beach. I must move one day!

    I’m still amazed at your compliance. You are doing terrific.

  2. Hey Larry,

    Training wouldn’t be a problem for me back in Manila and I plan to just continue the same schedule. However, nutrition will be more challenging as the food available there is different (frozen veggies are not easy to come by and expensive), but I’m already planning to do my groceries right the next day after I arrive.

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