Day 140: Learning Day

Day 140:

One of the reasons why I did my HIIT even late at night last night was because after yesterday’s whirlwind tour, I wanted to relax today so that I’ll have fresh legs for the week ahead.

After going to church and having lunch, I just wandered around the bookshops in the city and looked for books that I can read to help me in my fitness quest.  I found a nice cookbook on sale (Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food), which aims to inspire people to get back into the kitchen and learn how to cook simple but delicious food from scratch.  Cooking is an art that seems to have not been passed on to the current generation, and this has contributed to the rise of fast food and convenience meals that in turn is a factor in the increase in obesity among the population.  Knowing how to prepare your own food (especially food that you will enjoy eating) is a key factor in any physique transformation, so I look forward to expanding my culinary repertoire.

Aside from that, among the articles that interested me today is an article from T-Nation entitled Solutions to Lifting Problems by Eric Cressey.  As I’ve been following a strength training program (Stronglifts 5X5), I know that at some point I’ll stall in my progress (it has happened to me already), so it’s good to know what I can do to ensure that I bust those plateaus and get stronger.

Eating was on schedule, almost all whole food aside from two white chocolate and macadamia cookies and a dark chocolate square that I allowed myself today.

Eat clean, train hard, rest well, keep learning, and expect success!


Day 140 - Front Day 140 - Back Day 140 - Side

3 thoughts on “Day 140: Learning Day

  1. I should add one of those learning days, besides keeping you motivated, help you understand what’s happening to us, before, during and after changing eating and excercise habits.. I personally find fitness and nutritional information really interesting.

  2. Ron,
    You are looking pretty ripped these days.

    I have to give you a lot of credit with the way you ae managing your eating. I thnk your post was spot on today with regard to making food from scratch.

    You are definitely in the zone. Shred on!

  3. Hi Celina and Larry,

    I’m love learning new things (it’s the nerd in me), and applying them to life. Food is one thing that’s always interesting, hehe.

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