Day 139: Sightseeing!

Day 139

Good day, Shredders!

Today was a busy day of sightseeing for me.  My project partner picked me up from my apartment just before lunch, and we first drove to a lookout over the city in the Adelaide Hills (a bit higher up and further out compared to the one I went to on day 132).  Then we drove the short distance to a very nice wildlife park, where I got to interact closely with many native Australian animals like bandicoots, potoroos, wallabies, emus, and of course, kangaroos and koalas.  I was even able to feed a few of them, like the wallaby and emu below.

Day 139 - Feeding a Wallaby

Feeding a wallaby at the wildlife park

Day 139 - Feeding an emu

Feeding an emu

I tried to feed a pelican too, but the bird doesn’t seem to like the food.

Day 139 - Feeding a Pelican

Attempting to feed a pelican

After the wildlife park, we then drove down the hills to an old town at the mouth of the river Murray, and then drove back to Adelaide through acres of vineyards.  Finally, we had a nice dinner at the local pub.

I tried sticking with my meal schedule, but it sort of drifted as we drove all around the countryside, and I had to skip one (substituting some mixed nuts I brought with me) as it became too close to dinner time.  I did make it up though with my last meal at the pub (grilled chicken and avocado with mashed potatoes), so my caloric intake shouldn’t have been too far off.

I wanted to do some cardio today, but as I didn’t know my schedule for the day, I had that floating for whatever time became available.  As it turned out, the only time I had was late at night after arriving home, so I drove to the beach jogging path and did 20 minutes of HIIT running at a quarted before 10.  It was the first time here in Adelaide that I jogged in the dark!  It was a bit cold as well, but at least I didn’t feel tired immediately because of that.  For some reason too, my running gait seems to have improved again so I was able to take care of my still aching legs.

Hope your weekends are going well!  Keep shredding everyone!


Day 139 - Front Day 139 - Back Day 139 - Side

9 thoughts on “Day 139: Sightseeing!

  1. I could even imagine you jumping with excitement after that 5th rep… I’m so glad that happened… very nice trip Ron, I once saw an emu on a zoo when I was on elementary school… so I guess it must be really fun to have that kind of interaction with those strange animals…!! great day, good job on the diet and then, the cardio at night.. you got everything solved!

  2. Hey Ron,
    So glad you had a fun day. Loved hearing about your adventure day, and in awe that you got out so late to run. You are taking such good care of yourself!

  3. You’re really piling the muscle on, Ron! Like Lynda, I’m in awe as well with how much determination you have. Bloody good on ya, tiger!

  4. love the animal pics. such fun! thanks for sharing!
    Thanks so much for your support and your kind comments on my blog today(day 600). You are really doing great! how do you like the 5X5 workout routine? I get Medhi’s newsletters and love them. one day I will try that routine!

  5. Hi Suzette,

    I’m loving the 5X5 workouts as I think it’s perfect for my current goals of gaining strength while re-learning proper movement patterns for the key lifts. It’s also nice to have targets on every workout!

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