Day 138: Third Time’s the Charm

Day 138

I went to bed last night after re-reading my goals, aiming, no, expecting to bust my plateau today on the barbell overhead press on the StrongLifts 5X5 program that I am following.  Imagine my concern when I went into the office and started feeling a little fever coming on.  My eyes were a bit redder and my body a bit warmer than usual.  It may have been the stress from the previous day still having some lingering effects.  However, I was determined to get over it and drank more water than usual within the day.  It seems to have helped keep the fever at bay.

As it’s a Friday, I got back from the office a bit earlier than usual, and knowing that I had a mission today, I decided to have a 15-minute power nap to recharge my batteries.  Once I woke up, I was feeling refreshed and more ready for the day’s workout.  So after eating a light meal and writing down my training plan in my notebook, I drove off to they gym expecting big things.

I started the workout by doing hurdle stretches for hip mobility, then proceeded to do 5X5 squats at 92.5 kg, which was another 2.5kg more than the previous.  It challenged me a lot, especially the first set (when my body was still getting used to the weight) and the last set (when my body is already fatiguing).  I was however, able to complete all the reps properly!  On a side note, since I started StrongLifts 5×5, I haven’t been using any padding on the bar before placing it on my shoulders, as I usually did before.  I think I’ve finally found the proper place on my traps/shoulders where the bar rests perfectly as long as I keep my shoulders back and chest high.

While I was doing squats, there was another guy on the other rack besides mine who started doing overhead barbell squats, and then hang cleans, with what I thought was good form.  Of course this attracted my attention and I watched him perform those exercises while I was in between sets, in order to learn how I could do the overhead barbell squat and improve my hang clean.  What’s more, another person in the gym (probably a visitor from overseas like me) started giving pointers to the guy doing hang cleans.  This other guy seemed to be a powerlifter himself, so I had one ear out listening to the pointers being dished out.

After squats, it was on to barbell overhead presses, my third try at 5X5 using 45kg.  Before doing them I performed some shoulder dislocations (stretches, not injuries).  Each of the first four sets went as before, requiring more and more effort.  I have to admit there was a niggling doubt that this workout would end the same way.  However, I was feeling pumped up knowing that there were some serious lifters around me, and finally, I was able to complete 5 reps on the fifth set!  This really made my day!

After those two exercises, I did 1X5 deadlifts at 105kg, and then 3 sets of pullups to failure, completing a total of 29 reps, one more than before.  Finally, I did my core workout using Flatten Your Abs Level 5.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!

P.S. Let us all support Dougal through prayers and well-wishes as he faces another operation in the near future.  Expect him to be back soon in the gym and in the ‘Sphere inspiring other people to achieve their dreams.


Day 138 - Front Day 138 - Back Day 138 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 138: Third Time’s the Charm

  1. Congratulations Ron! 5×5 with 45 huh? GREAT!… now you’re lifting serius weights! and still improving day by day.. good job young man..

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