Day 137: Hectic work day, saved by a meal schedule!

Day 137

It was a long, very busy day at work.  This was one day when I was answering questions and solving problems left and right, and every one of them were asking things to be done ASAP. I could hardly do what I had originally planned to do for the day (what I am actually here in Adelaide for!)  Thankfully, I cleared all of those up within the day, but still have tasks left from what I have originally meant to do.

I was glad to be following a meal schedule, so I looked forward to breaks roughly every three hours, allowing me to cool off a bit.  I still did some work while eating, except for lunch when I completely removed myself from my desk.  Drinking at least 600ml of water with every meal (and then some more in-between) also gave me an excuse to have a break every so often to go to the toilet! Standing up often also helped break the poor sitting posture that I tend to have when I am concentrating too much on things I’m doing on my computer.

As the end of the workday neared, I was glad (and relieved) to be invited back to my project partner’s house for dinner.  I still had an HIIT session planned though, and it started to rain (a very welcome occurence here in SA) as I was driving back from the office, so jogging by the beach wasn’t an option.  Instead, I got my skipping rope and did 15 minutes of HIIT, using 1 minute work, 30s rest intervals.  It’s been some time since I last skipped (back when I was doing Mission 1), so it took me a few rounds to get back into the groove.  I was also restricted a bit by the height of the apartment’s ceiling, but that drove me to skip with stricter form.  In addition, my legs were still aching from yesterday’s efforts, but by the end, I was rotating the rope quite quickly and got a pretty good workout!

For dinner at my business partner’s place, we had chicken and vegetable stir fry with rice, with a little wine to go with it.  For dessert there was some chocolate cake and a bit of ice cream.  As I had planned for Thursday evenings to have one of my exception meals, I indulged in these without guilt.  Like before, it was great to have dinner with some very nice people and have interesting conversations!  So it was a good end to a hectic day.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 137 - Front Day 137 - Back Day 137 - Side

One thought on “Day 137: Hectic work day, saved by a meal schedule!

  1. I think of you when days become weird or hectic.. you always find out how to do each one of your planned tasks… even it the day starts turning out to be impossible, you always look for an exit! well done, that meal was very well deserved!

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