Day 135: Marking Time

Day 135

Today I did 20 minutes of HIIT by the beach jogging path, right after I got back to the apartment after work.  It was a relatively warm day today here in Adelaide, 25°C, and I got pretty sweaty on my run as you can see on my pics below.

When I run, I use my wristwatch to mark the intervals by setting the stopwatch to beep every 10 seconds (or some other value depending on the protocol), and today, it was 30 seconds run, 20 seconds walk.  It’s nice to mark the intervals by beeps as it gets me into a nice routine.  I know that two beeps after I start walking, I have to run and push, and then three beeps after that, I can relax.  It’s similar to having a workout plan for the week; it gets you a nice rhythm of training day, rest day, training day, rest day, so you know when to push and when to relax.  And as with any plan, you know that you’ll get to the destination as long as you keep at it and check often to see if you’re moving in the right direction.

I also tried to change my running style a bit to be gentler on my legs (which get hammered by squats three times a week), and I think I did something right about that today.

Nutrition was good, back down to maintenance level as it’s a not a weight training day.

I’m going to bed earlier than usual to catch up on sleep and let my muscles grow!

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!

P.S. Both Brian’s and Jake’s blogs have disappeared!  I hope they both are continuing to work on their fitness goals and drop by on our blogs (or the forthcoming Shreddersphere 2.0) to let us know how they’re doing.


Day 135 - Front Day 135 - Back Day 135 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 135: Marking Time

  1. I know I know.. and I was really bad on the presses!! :0).. sorry, I misunderstood , I thought you were missing 2 reps… but it’s just one… so, c’mon!!… you remind me of the times when everybody on the weightlifting gym, during very intense preparations, were eating a lot, sleeping a lot, a taking care a lot because the workouts were really intense and no one wanted to be left behind… so that’s the spirit Ron! I can see you getting very far this mission,… you have the mindset, and that’s the difference between a fitness fan and an athlete..

  2. Hi Ron,
    Sounds great to run along the beach. Espècially when it´s our coldest day today so far. Enjoy it for all of us! Sounds like all´s going well with you!

  3. Hey Celina, I was never an “athlete” before, and I’m so glad to be developing the proper mindset. Thanks for the affirmation from a real athlete!

  4. Hi Lynda, I enjoy the beach a lot here! Where I live in Manila, it’s quite far from the good beaches, so I’m making good of the opportunity here. Might even take a dip if the weather’s good.

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