Day 132: A busy day out

Day 132

I have less than two weeks to go before I return to Manila, once I complete the first phase of my project here in Adelaide.  The plan is for me to return to Adelaide in early February, complete the project, then proceed to the next project in Fremantle (in Western Australia) on or before the first week of March.  That gives me almost two months to enjoy my time at home (yipee!)

That said, I wanted to make the most of my two remaining weekends (this year) here in South Australia, and so today I drove to one of its best-known areas, the Barossa Valley, which is a little over an hour’s drive from Adelaide.  This is an area known for its vineyards and wineries producing Australia’s best-known wines.  The drive through rolling hills and vineyards was very nice.

Now, I rarely drink, but I do appreciate wine from time to time.  I also wanted to bring home something special to share with family and friends during the holiday season.  I visited three different wineries and enjoyed looking at the nice old buildings and gardens that are part of their grounds.  I also went to their cellar doors and did some wine tasting, and found a few bottles to bring back with me.

132 - Winery

At the "cellar door" of one of the wineries

Throughout the day, I still stuck to my nutrition plan by bringing my meals with me.  One time I stopped the car on a side road off the highway for me to eat; the other time, I ate in a winery’s parking lot!  Of course I had a big jug of water to go along with it, and some fruit as well.

Unfortunately, it took me a little longer than I expected to get back to the apartment in the afternoon.  I was able to have my meal as scheduled before I had to rush off to my next activity.  However, I was unable to squeeze in my cardio, so I had to postpone the cardio until tomorrow.  I have never watched a professional football (soccer) match on site before, and tonight I had one last opportunity to watch the local football team play before I go, as Adelaide United were playing Sydney FC.

In my rush, I forgot to bring my jacket with me in what turned out to be a cold and windy night!  Fortunately, I remembered to wear thermals under my jeans, and two layers of shirts (one short sleeved, the other a zip up long-sleeved training jersey).  However, I still needed more warmth so I bought a team scarf at the gate (I couldn’t afford the jacket!).  Hmm, at least I got something useful as a souvenir!  The match was good, the home team won 2-0, which was good!  On this one trip, I have watched each of the three biggest football codes played here in Australia (rugby league, Australian rules, and football) live for the first time, and on the previous two, the home team lost!

So it was a very good day out for me!  Hope your weekends are going well too!

P.S. I’d like to mention Celina, whom you may have seen around the shredder blogs.  She has started blogging in English now after blogging in Spanish before, during which she made very good progress.  Check out her blog and show your support!


Day 132 - Front Day 132 - Back Day 132 - Side

5 thoughts on “Day 132: A busy day out

  1. Great trip!! Thank you a lot for mentioning my blog on your post Ron. That made me feel like you said yesterday, a warrior princess, so motivated on the gym and packing food to make a short trip also!! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that massive support!!!

  2. Ron,what a great trip and time you are having in Oz. You are really making the best out of your stay in Australia.

    It is a pity that you have to do all on your own…

    Have a nice Sunday too.


  3. Hi Juli, thanks for dropping by. Being alone does help me focus on my fitness goals, but travelling is often better with a friend. Hope your Sunday was good.

  4. Hi Ron, sometimes, things dont go as planned but its great that you still keep very focused… the packing for the trip,… mm.. I guess I learned from the master.. that is you…. nice athletic body by the way… ;0)

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