Day 131: Feeling Like a Warrior

Day 131

Last night, I downloaded Tom Venuto’s first ever podcast from, where Tom interviewed Pete Siegel about turning mind power into muscle power.  I listened to it while driving to and from work, and then completed it just as I finished driving to the gym.  It gave me a boost at the gym, and I was thinking “warrior” as I breezed through my Stronglifts 5X5 workout consisting of 5 sets of 5 reps of squats (85kg), bench presses (60kg), and hang cleans (45kg).  On all of them, I successfully increased the weight by 2.5kg from my previous workout while maintaining good form.  They actually felt easier than I expected today!  I also did 3 sets of pushups to failure, and though I did not set a 1-set record, I was able to increase my 3-set total by 2 for a total of 111.

Nutrition was good all day, all according to plan, with lots of fruit thrown in.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 131 - Front Day 131 - Back Day 131 - Side

8 thoughts on “Day 131: Feeling Like a Warrior

  1. Sometimes, when we’re into something for long periods of time, we tend to lose motivation.. right now, it’s like your’re giving better results each day and keep improving your personal bests, and I find you more and more motivated as the days go by… so, then, you hear something that boosts your energy and makes you want to devour your routine even more…, that’s what I call a good momentum! You make me want to go and train right now!! that’s how you inject motivation to us too… good work.. !!

  2. Hi Ron,
    As always I love reading your blogs. You seem so organized, so on course, and you seem so happy. Hope your weekend will be the best ever!

  3. It certainly amazing what can help give you an edge in the gym. It’s not some new supplement that promises “30% gains”. A good dose of positive thinking and mind power is all it takes. Best of all THAT supplement is FREE.

  4. Hi Celina, one of the reasons why I put research/learning into my accountability sheet is to increase the possibility that I will learn something new, which keeps me motivated. This was one of the gems I uncovered. Download it and be a warrior princess in the gym!

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