Day 130: An Exception Meal + Good Conversation = Excellent Evening

Day 130

After lunchtime today at work, my project partner invited me to dinner at his house, to be prepared by his wife.  He knew that I don’t go to the gym on Thursdays.  I also plan for an exception meal on Thursday evenings, which I normally have at the mall by myself.  Looking for a change, I gladly accepted.

That didn’t prevent me, however, from doing my planned 20 minutes of HIIT running by the beach.  The sun was out again, but still quite cool.  I used a 30s work, 20s rest protocol, and, wanting to earn my exception meal, I pushed hard, especially in the first ten minutes (outbound) when I ran mostly full-out sprints.  On the return leg, I had to go down a notch in effort, as doing maximals is very taxing.  Also, the wind was blowing against me hard on the return.  I still ended the session with me breathing harder than I have in recent HIIT sessions!

After a quick shower and a protein shake, I drove off to my project partner’s house and had a nice dinner of chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies, washed down with one bottle of beer.  After that, some cheese and crackers with tea.  The best part of the evening of course was the conversation, with topics ranging from how I have been enjoying my stay in Australia, the prolonged dry spell in South Australia, to free trade, capitalism, and environmental issues.  Sure beats a lonely night by myself!

Upon returning to the apartment, I remembered to grill some pork steaks for tomorrow, before writing my blog post tonight.

Hope you enjoy your reward/exception meals as much as I did tonight.  Train hard and expect success!


Day 130 - Front Day 130 - Back Day 130 - Side

6 thoughts on “Day 130: An Exception Meal + Good Conversation = Excellent Evening

  1. Ron, I am very happy for you for tonights invitation into a private home. I know myself how lonely it is “living on the road” and being alone so much. Great it was such a fantastic evening.


  2. Well, that was an exception healthy meal, right?… well, I’m glad you found something different to do yesterday, getting out of the routine but always doing what you HAVE TO do!.. well done… and deffenetely yes, more muscular back!

  3. Hi Celina, yup an exception from my mainstay healthy meals. It does feel good to have a break from routine from time to time. Thanks for the comment on my back!

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