Day 129: Stalled, but not Defeated!

Day 129

Good day, Shredders!

Back at the gym today for my 5X5 training.  I did squats, barbell overhead presses, deadlifts, and pullups.  I was able to successfully increase the weight on my squat (+2.5kg) and deadlifts (+5kg), and added 1 rep to my 3-set total for pullups.  For the overhead press, however, on which I am already on my previous best (target of 45kg today), I stalled and wasn’t able to complete the last rep of the 5th set.  I was feeling the effort already starting from the second set, but just pushed on, resting up to 2 minutes in between.  The last rep of the fourth set was squeaked out, but on the fifth set, I didn’t want to cheat by pushing with my legs.  Still, not a bad day’s work; I’m thinking of that overhead press as an opportunity for me to improve come the next time I do it!

After the weight training, I proceeded to my core workout, which was the second set of exercises on Level 5 of Flatten Your Abs.  Strengthening and stabilizing the core is one of the foundations of better performance on the big lifts, so I am determined to follow FYA all the way to Level 7.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


In the past few days, I’ve been following Jake of My Fitness Journey.  He’s off to a good start, pushing on despite some early setbacks.  According to his latest post, among the benefits he has started to see is better sleep.  Do visit his blog and let him know how Shredders support each other!


Day 129 - Front Day 129 - Back Day 129 - Side

11 thoughts on “Day 129: Stalled, but not Defeated!

  1. That must’ve been the hell of a workout, I personally find presses very challenging! (not a big fan of them) as the weight is much lower than the lifts that involve legs or, any other stronger body part… that’s just me, I guess men are different, my brother always tells me that it’s easier for him to do presses than squats … haha!
    Anyway, Ron, I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but your back looks more muscular.. I think, 5×5 it’s already doing it’s job! of course the credit goes for you, but this plan is certainly showing results …

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  3. I wouldn’t worry about stalling too much – 45kg sounds like a very strong overhead press. You seem to have rather developed triceps which I imagine must be a factor in this. Looking pumped and vascular in today’s back shot – keep up the good work!

    PS. Thanks for the mention, I just checked my blog stats and there is a large spike today!

  4. Hey Ron,

    Thx for stopping by my blog! Workin pretty hard right now, and eating really clean so hoping I’ll be seing some real results by christmas! Looking lean urself bro 😉 Keep up the good work

  5. Hey Celina, OH presses are challenging for me too, so as you see, that’s where I stalled first. I like squats and deadlifts better! Thanks also for your comment about my back, guess my pullups and deadlifts are doing their job.

  6. Hey Jake, 45 kg for OH press is the most I’ve tried for a workout, and as I mentioned to Celina, barbell OH press is one of the exercises that really challenge me.

    Wait till Adam Waters mentions you in his blog. That will cause a big spike in your stats!

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