Day 128: Good Nutrition on a Budget

Day 128

Among the sites that I visit often for my fitness information is T-Nation, and recently, Kevin Larabee (the creator of TheFitcast, another resource I enjoy) posted article on how to build muscle on a budget.  Some of the tips there are applicable to everybody, not just those seeking to build muscle.  One of the things tips there which I follow is “Cook for the Week and Don’t Waste Anything”.

Though I don’t cook just once a week, I do cook big batches of my protein once every 2 to 3 days: chicken one day, fish the next, beef or pork another.  I then weigh out portions for my workday meals the night before, ready to bring with me in the morning.  Inevitably, there will be occasions when what’s left of something is not enough for one meal.  In those occasions, I may combine fish and meat in the same meal (surf and turf!), so as not to let the leftover food go to waste.

I remembered this article because I did my weekly grocery shopping today, where I bought my protein (eggs, chicken, pork, beef, fish) and a variety of fresh fruit.  I also bought frozen berries, which I use with my morning oatmeal.  Upon returning to my apartment, I cooked a batch of chicken and fish in the oven (not at the same time, of course!), ready for the next few days of meals..

Training was 20 minutes of HIIT running by the beach (30s work, 20s rest protocol).  The weather was overcast but not cold, which was a change from my previous sessions in either hot bright sun or chilly wind.  For the first time in weeks, a significant amount of showers (not quite rain) fell here in Adelaide in the morning, and the rest of the day was overcast.  Very much unlike Brisbane, which as Adam had noted the other day, just had a freak storm over the weekend.

Nutrition today was all according to plan.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 128 - Front Day 128 - Back Day 128 - Side

8 thoughts on “Day 128: Good Nutrition on a Budget

  1. Hey Ron,

    you guys have a hectic time in Australia at the moment!!!!
    I hope all goes well and noone will be harmed.

    I hate waisting meals and food and of course waisted money….the surf and turf-thingie is something I shoul try as well.

    You look great on the pics.


  2. Hi Ron, are you an obsesive-compulsive-organized kind of guy?… just kidding, looks like you have everything under control…. very motivating… it helps a lot that you undoubtfully blog everyday… :0).. great post… keep it up.. I just can’t wait for you to give us reports on those challenging weights!.. remember that second pull on the hang cleans.. the most exposive it is the better… if you’re lowering the weight below the knees berfore cleaning it, it helps a lot to do the first phase very slow and put everything you have to do a strong second pull… the elbows will do the work by themselves… :0)… it always helps … (sorry, it’s just so cool to know you’re doing olympic lifts!!)

  3. Hi Celina, I guess you have to develop a bit of OC behaviour to get fitness missions right. 😀 Thanks for the tips on the cleans, good to get pointers from someone who knows this stuff well 🙂

  4. Hey Larry, great to see you on my blog again! I hope the information I found can be useful, especially for super-busy folks like you and Juli.

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