Day 126: M2 Four-Week Review

Day 126

Today was a welcome rest day from training, and it was time to take stock of my progress on my first 28 days.  I have been able to consistently progress the weights on my StrongLifts 5X5 workouts so far, and according to my caliper readings, was able to add some muscle and lose some fat.  Comparison pics are at the end of this post.

In the afternoon, I went with my project partner here in Adelaide to the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, a town up in the Adelaide Hills.  It was very interesting to see many examples of automobiles and motorcycles dating back to the early twentieth century.  The drive through the hills was also very nice, through some very windy roads flanked by some vineyards and small farming villages.  The weather was also perfect, bright and sunny but still quite cool.

One of the classic cars on display at the National Motor Museum

A classic car on display at the National Motor Museum

I had allotted on my meals today (the last) as an exception meal, and it was a good one consisting of stir-fried chinese noodles with chicken. However, one of my other meals (just after leaving the museum) was an afternoon coffee and cake, which I supplemented with half of a high-protein bar which I had brought along for cases like this.  It was not as I had planned, but at least I did not go hungry and I was able to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Hope your weekends have been as wonderful as mine has been, and that you were able to get some rest ready for the shredding week ahead!


Day 126 - Front Day 126 - Back Day 126 - Side

Here are comparison pics between M2 Days 0 (Day 98) and 28 (Day 126).





7 thoughts on “Day 126: M2 Four-Week Review

  1. With all that squats I know those quads are gonna get big!! can’t wait…!! ooh… I wanted to ask you, what would happen when you reach a weight that won’t allow you to hit 5 reps?… I’m just curious to know what the program says.. keep going Ron

  2. Hi Celina, you repeat up to 3 times the same exercise on different workout days until you get to 5X5. If not, you deload going down by 10% and then work your way back up. Mehdi (the program’s author) has details in the Official FAQ.

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