Day 125: Dolphin Sighting

Day 125

I went on a short river cruise this afternoon departing from Port Adelaide.  The drawcard of this cruise was the opportunity to see some dolphins which live in the river.  It was a bright and sunny day, but the wind was blowing briskly and at times nearly freezing!  That was okay though as I was able to see some dolphins which came quite close, and also made some new friends while on the boat.

Dolphins in the Port River, Port Adelaide

Dolphins in the Port River, Port Adelaide

In the late afternoon, I was able to squeeze in my steady-state cardio, which was 20 minutes of easy-paced jogging on the beachside path.  An easier pace was called for today, the last training for the week, as my legs are already tired from the squats on the three weight training sessions of the past five days (and HIIT in between days).  I found that return leg of my jog much harder as I was going against a strong wind all the way.

Nutrition was generally good today.  I did have my first taste of beer in over two months on the river cruise, when I tried half a can of the local brew with my new friends, as a way of sampling the local culture.  It seems every state in Australia is proud of their own beer!

Hope your weekends are going well.  Have time to relax but always keep your goals in mind.


Day 125 - Front Day 125 - Back Day 125 - Side

10 thoughts on “Day 125: Dolphin Sighting

  1. Wow… that must be some great experience to see dolphins!! I mean… in their habitat (not on acuariums)… well… you show us some great places Ron!
    Is that bruise from the hang clean?

  2. Yes, Lilla, seeing them in the river was fun, much better than in an aquarium. I’ve seen a few when I was very young while I was on an inter-island ferry back in the Philippines, but this time I was closer to them.

  3. Thanks for the nice comment, Shari! I haven’t tried swimming with the dolphins yet, but if I do get the opportunity, I’ll certainly try.

  4. Yes, Celina, the bruise was from the hang clean, two workouts ago, when I didn’t catch the bar properly. That’s why I repeated the same weight in two workouts.

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