Day 124: Dynamic Stretching

Day 124

Hello everyone.

I completed another StrongLifts 5×5 training session today, consisting of squats, overhead shoulder press, deadlift, and chinups.  Before commencing my workout, I wanted to do some dynamic stretching to prepare for the squats.  Dynamic stretching is better for enhancing performance on activities compared to static stretching.  I quickly looked up the internet for examples and found some on youtube called “hurdle” mobility drills and found that they indeed served as a good warmup to loosen the hip muscles for some deep squatting.  They were fun to do too!

I was able to add another 2.5kg to my squat (now 77.5kg), 2.5kg to my barbell overhead press (42.5kg), and 5kg to my deadlift (90kg).  I was able to maintain good form for all three, though with the BB overhead press, I had to push hard to finish the last (5th) set of five.  On the deadlift, I know I could still lift even more, but my concern with it right now is building strength and resistance to pain in my grip.  The brand-new barbells (with very grippy knurls) can be quite rough on the hands, and the author of the StrongLifts program recommends not using workout gloves if possible.  I also now do my squats and deadlifts barefoot (okay, with just my socks) instead of on my trainers, and I found that this helps with aligning the body correctly.

I set a personal record for 1-set chinups today (now at 16), but wasn’t able to do the same to by three-set total, where I only did 29 (16, 7, 6) whereas my max is 31.  On all my exercises, I stuck with 90s rest between sets save for the chinups, where I took as long as 120s.

After the weight workout, I also did my core workout on the Flatten Your Abs program.  Instead of doing lunges, however, I substituted those with single-leg squats, which I felt hit my core even harder.

Nutrition was good, no problem at all.

By the way, it’s the first time I’m wearing my glasses for my daily pics today.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 124 - Front Day 124 - Back Day 124 - Side

6 thoughts on “Day 124: Dynamic Stretching

  1. congrats on your chin up accomplishments – I’ve personally never done a chin up…you’re looking great…what is your fitness goal?

  2. It’s great have the time (and patience) to start doing movements to make better lifts… you know what? I admire you that.. of course that a good, complete 80 kgs squat equals a bad performed 120 kgs one… I was watching the other day two guys in the gym trying to do half squats (trying.. not even a quarter!) with something like 160 kgs… it’s great that you worry a lot about a good execution of the excercise… I can’t wait to see those legs grow!! Congrats on the chinups!

  3. Thanks Diane. My goal on this current mission is to improve my strength and relearn the big lifts to build a foundation for future training. I also aim to put on 3kg of muscle.

  4. I agree, Celina. The way my legs feel when squatting deep at a lighter weight is better (by this I mean more aching afterwards) than when doing heavier weight to just thighs parallel to the ground.

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