Day 122: Feeling Good at the Gym

Day 122

I woke up today feeling refreshed!  It helps that I got a few houts of extra sleep yesterday, so I was raring to go to the gym after work.  As soon as I went in to the gym I went straight to the squat rack, did some squat thrusts and bodyweight squats for warmups, and then set up the bar, ready to go.  I did my 5 sets of five squats with very good form, squatting as low as I can go.  I was feeling good about it, and flipped my workout journal open to note completion of the exercise.  Lo and behold, I realized that I had forgotten to add 2.5kg to my previous weight!  I did 75kg squats when I should have done 77.5kg.  Oh well, there’s always the next workout.  At least I can be confident that my next squat workout will be perfectly doable.  Feeling guilty, I quickly added one set each of single-leg squats before proceeding to the next exercise.

Barbell bench presses were next. Following my progression, I did 5X5 using 55 kg.  I have to pay special attention to my bench press and progress this slowly but methodically.  This is one exercise which I had developed a little fear at the back of my head, as I had some time ago injured my left wrist with it and impinged my right shoulder trying to move too much weight with improper form.  That is why my chest lags somewhat behind my back these days.

Then it was on to 5X5 hang cleans using a 40kg barbell.  I repeated the same weight as previous as I was not happy with my form then, hitting my collarbone a few times and I even have a bruise on my front left shoulder.  This time, I tried to keep in mind to thrust my elbows quickly forward for the catch (which I had neglected to do before).  Voila!  Like magic, the bar started falling onto the proper spot on my shoulders with not much effort.

Finally,  three sets to failure of pushups.  I almost got a one-set max but fell one short at 53, but tried to make it up on the other sets so that I increased my three-set total to 104.

After my 5X5 workout, I did my core exercises on the Flatten Your Abs program.  I feel that by next week I will be ready to progress to the next exercise level on that program.

Nutrition was good, save for a delay in my 3rd meal as I had a meeting which started 30 minutes behind schedule.  I just completed the third day of my lower-calorie zigzag days so I’m looking forward to a few more calories tomorrow!

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 122 - Front Day 122 - Back Day 122 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 122: Feeling Good at the Gym

  1. Thank for your nice comment, Lilla. I’m aiming make my back even better!

    Thanks too Celina and Lynda for your constant encouragement.

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