Day 121: All’s Well That Ends Well

Day 121

After a good day at the gym yesterday, today didn’t start out well.  I found out I had run out of contact lenses last night, so I was forced to drive to work without using sunglasses on a bright, sunny morning.  When I arrived at work and started reading through my work emails, my vision started to blur around the edges, which is a sure sign of an oncoming migraine attack. Unfortunately, I hadn’t brought my migraine medicine with me (I had cleaned out my bag just a week ago, and taken it out), so I tried to close my eyes and massage my forehead along the brow bones to try to avert it.  That didn’t work, and a few minutes later, as my vision cleared, the migraine pain started to develop.  As any migraine sufferer knows, the best way to prevent a migraine from getting full-blown is to sleep (if at all possible) in a dark room away from noise, so I had to leave work early and drove back home to take my medicine and sleep.

Fortunately, the migraine subsided after I slept.  I still followed my eating schedule by setting my alarm.  By the afternoon, I was feeling well enough to do my groceries, and later on in the early evening, I felt good enough to get in my 20 minutes of HIIT by the beach.  Hopefully I won’t get a recurrence tomorrow, though there usually is some residual pain for a few days after an attack.  The rest of the evening I spent preparing more food for the coming days, baked barramundi, smoked cod, and chicken tikka masala.  So all in all, the day didn’t turn out to be a write-off for me.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


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10 thoughts on “Day 121: All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. Well, bad start but very well solved.. you know what Ron? we might have more things in common, I don’t have migrains but have cluster headaches, so I know how you feel when you have that kind of pain and no medication!! well… as long as you’re fine right now, with no pain at all!…

  2. Good work not letting the migraine throw off the rest of your day and still getting your workout in. I hope you don’t have any residual pain in the oncoming days. Good Luck!

  3. I’ve never suffered from migraines either, but I know they are not nice. Glad it passed for you. Take care mate!

  4. Dang Ron, not fun getting to work and feeling bad. Glad you were smart enough to stave it off. Don´t know a thing about migranes (largarto, largarto), but know they´re the pits. You are doing so well to be there in Adalaide, toughing it out, AND getting in a run by the sea. Good Going!!

  5. Ron, glad to hear you got over the migrane rather quick. I cannot believe you set your alarm to eat – even with a migrane. You are dedicated!!

    Your chicken dish sounds great! I’m having friends for dinner on Saturday but that might be too adventurous for them.

  6. Thanks Lynda and Debbie, I was glad to get the migraine over quick. When I get it real bad I would have thrown up my meals, so really glad I was able to avert a disaster.

  7. Hello Victor, eating 5 to 6 times a day helps ensure energy levels throughout the day, avoiding the energy highs and lows which occur when you eat just 3 big meals a day. When trying to lose fat, this means that the fat-burning furnace of the body keeps burning constantly. When trying to gain muscle, this also helps to have a constant supply of protein to the muscles for them to grow, as protein does not stay long in the bloodstream if it is not absorbed by the body to build or repair itself. You can find out more by reading Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. Cheers!

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