Day 120: Trying Something New

Day 120

Another week, another three weight training sessions to look forward to!  I am also glad to have taken part in (and completing) the RTP Group Shred 2.0!

Today I was able to increase the weight on my squats by another 2.5 kg, my barbell overhead press by 2.5 kg, and my deadlift by 5kg.  However, I was not able to set increase my reps on my pullups compared to my last workout.  I also did my core training using Level 4 Set 2 of the Flatten Your Abs program.

For fun, I also tried doing some of the bodyweight exercises written about by Chad Waterbury on T-Nation.  At the end of my workout, I was able to do two sets of 10 of single-legged squats (the original version with the non-working leg in front) for each leg!  I have to admit though that I wobbled especially on the last few reps of each set, especially as I had already done squats earlier.  It also hit my abs, as it demanded a lot of stability, but doing those were fun!  I also tried one set for each leg of the inverted hamstring stretch.

No problem with nutrition today; all went to plan.

Speaking of nutrition, both Lilla and Adam commented on my use of the word “exception meal” in the past few days. I wanted to use a word which does not connote a cheat or reward; it really is just an “exception” to the regular meal plan. The regular meal plan is not a punishment for me; though it does take a bit more work than usual, I enjoy it!

Have fun on your workouts, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


I wish to congratulate our very own Adam Waters for reaching 2 years of (almost) daily accountability. He is in the best shape of his life, and has already inspired many people (including me of course!) to dream big and work on their goals one day at a time. Good on ya, mate!


Day 120 - Front Day 120 - Back Day 120 - Side

6 thoughts on “Day 120: Trying Something New

  1. Wow, with those extra exercises you’re surely building a great physique base!! (I don’t know if I said that correctly).. I just know that at the end of your new mission, you’re gonna be really strong! keep it up Ron.. I’ve been ausent cause I’m strating to blog in english, I guess it’s better.. thank you very much for your post.

  2. Hey Ron thx for stopping by my blog! Shouldn’t get me started on carrot cake though, is one of my faves! Haha.
    You’re looking lean though man, making good progress. Keep it up 🙂

  3. Hey Lilla, I don’t see many people doing single-leg squats in the gym. In fact, I haven’t seen anybody else do it! I tried it a few months months ago and had a hard time doing two of them, so I was happy that I’ve improved a lot there.

  4. Thanks Celina; you’ve said that perfectly correctly. So, when are you going to share you blog in English? I’m sure the other Shredders will be encouraged by your progress.

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