Day 119: Chilling Out

Day 119

Good day, Shredders!

Today was a rest day from training, which is good as my legs were still weary from Friday’s workout.  After hearing mass in the morning, I went out to for a lunch, then met with a friend of mine in North Adelaide.  We caught up with each other over afternoon coffee and pizza (which became my “exception” meal) at a café.  It was a bright and sunny afternoon, perfect weather for a stroll through the parks and leafy boulevards which cover most of that particular suburb.

In the evening, I caught up with some cooking and housework, watched a DVD, and basically chilled out!  There was also the other half of the (9-inch) pizza for dinner, which completed my 2nd meal exception for the week.

I measured myself this morning and found that I have gained some muscle but a bit more body fat too.  At this point, I am not too worried, but feel I need to lower my caloric intake a bit (to maintenance on my “high” days) as my workouts are not as intense yet.  Over the past week, I did not do a zigzag caloric meal plan but maintained it at the high level, so I’ll be doing that this week.  I am experimenting to find out what works for me. After this relaxing day, I am ready for the coming week!

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 119 - Front Day 119 - Back Day 119 - Side

4 thoughts on “Day 119: Chilling Out

  1. I agree with Adam! Your high accountability score is testament to your consistency and dedication. You are a true shredder!

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