Day 118: A quiet, though still busy day

Day 118

It was a quiet day for me.  I didn’t have any touristic activities planned for the day. I did have my lunch in the city’s pedestrian mall, browsed around some shops, and got a haircut.  I also took time to organize the pictures I had taken since my last business trip; since I only had 2 weeks on my last break, I haven’t had time to organize them and print them out, so the folks at home (save for my brother who visited Australia a month and a half ago) don’t know what Brisbane looks like.

For my training, I did 30 minutes of steady state cardio on the beach’s jogging path in the late afternoon.  I didn’t want to stress my legs too much since the squats are already hitting my legs quite hard and I needed them to recover, so I opted for steady-state instead of HIIT.  It was quite cold and windy while I jogged, but I was rewarded with the sight of the sun just almost slipping below the horizon.

Speaking of legs, I was debating whether to post my daily pics as below, but I wanted to have a point of reference for my leg development, which is hard to see when wearing my usual shorts.

No problem with nutrition.  It was mostly clean and healthy food, save for some nacho chips and a single cookie.  I was actually thinking of having my “exception” meal tonight, and thought of pizza, but I remembered I will be taking my measurements tomorrow morning, so I’m postponing that till tomorrow.  I instead had a dinner of egg omelette and whole-wheat cereal in milk, followed by some strawberries.  Do you ever do that, having traditionally breakfast fare for dinner?  Who set the rules anyway?  I know that back at home we often had the previous night’s leftovers for breakfast, so I was just doing the reverse, hehe.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 118 - Front Day 118 - Back Day 118 - Side

3 thoughts on “Day 118: A quiet, though still busy day

  1. Hi Ron,
    I just knew you were going back to that fun mall. Good place to spend part of a Saturday. Like your haircut. Want to wish you all the luck in your new Shred, and know that soon your legs will show double of what you want.

  2. Ron, I enjoy breakfast food for dinner but my family doesn’t. I think I could eat eggs anytime of day. My mother said she used to feed me 6 eggs at a time while I was a baby. Scary.

  3. “Exception meal” – I like that! It takes away the connotation that food is a cheat or a reward.

    I’ve had “breakfast” foods at night and “dinner” foods in the morning. No rules! 🙂

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