Day 117: Almost Forgot to Eat!

Day 117

Today marked the first time that I almost forgot to take one of my scheduled meals at work!  I was already thinking of popping my meal into the microwave when a customer asked for some help with an issue he was trying to solve.  As I enjoy solving problems (the geek lives on within me!), I got so engrossed in trying to find a solution that I forgot about the time, and ended up eating my meal more than 30 minutes late!  Oh well, I just tried to compress the timing of my remaining meals so that I didn’t end up eating again less than 2 hours later.  Nutrition was generally good, save for the timing of that second meal.

In the evening, it was back to the gym for squats, bench presses, hang cleans, and pushups using the StrongLifts 5X5 program.  I added 2.5 kg each on squats (for 72.5 kg) and hang cleans (for 40 kg), while adding 5 kg to the bench press (for 50 kg).  No problem with the squats going as low as I can (though not without effort).  For bench presses, I might do one more 5kg increment before I slow down to 2.5 kg increment per workout.  My concern is on the hang clean, where I feel I might repeat the 40 kg next time in order to get the catch right.  I hit my collarbone a few times during the catch, and I want to get the positioning right while the weight is not heavy yet.  Finally for pushups, I was able to increase the 3-set total by 3 reps (for 101 reps), but didn’t set a 1-set record, darn!  I think the bench presses within the same day affects my pushup max-rep effort.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 117 - Front Day 117 - Back Day 117 - Side

6 thoughts on “Day 117: Almost Forgot to Eat!

  1. The bench pressing before deffinetely will tire you out.
    I bet that your real push up max is somewhere close to 60 by now, if you dont do the benching before.

    Shred on

  2. It’s great to see you that motivated and pushing to be better and better on each workout, I think that’s what all this is all about!… by working on small goals you stay focused.. I know you’re gonna succeed and after this mission you’ll be a very strong athlete!! Specially if you’re doing intense lifts like the clean.. have you tried the snatch?
    How are you doing the hang clean Ron? I mean, after the catch, how do you lower the weight? I’m asking because I know how exhausting and hard for the hands and forearms it can be to just lower the weight back to the starting position… when I used to do hang cleans it was a rapid movement like an up and down movement… without passing the elbows but it is a bad form, not a very strict technical way to do cleans :0|…

  3. Anybody that can do 101 reps with pushups is a Hercules to me! Good going. You seem to have found your nitch there in Adelaide, your job, your gym, so can see you are organized and enjoying your life. Like that you are taking advantage of everything to the hilt!
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Hi Celina, I think I’ve only tried the snatch once, but I’ll be doing it again sometime. On the hang clean, I’ve been lowering the weigh back to the starting (hang) position, and yes, my hands and forearms were a bit sore this morning because of it.

  5. Hi Lynda, that’s 101 reps spread over three sets! My one-set max is still at 54 at the moment. And yes, it’s all about taking advantage of what you can get to get the job done. Thanks for visiting!

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