Day 116: Working for a Reward Meal

Day 116

Today things went to plan.  As it was Thursday night, the only day of the week when the shopping centre is open in the evenings, I had planned to go out to eat dinner (meal #6) there.  As normally the serving sizes when dining out are larger than what I normally eat, I made meal #5 a light snack.  However, right before my last two meals, I went out to run 15 minutes of HIIT; I wanted to feel that I deserved to have a meal outside!  However, instead of a 20:5s work/rest protocol, I decided to go a bit more relaxed 20:20, as I wanted to let my legs recover a bit.  The squats I am doing are now at a “working” weight and I don’t want to compromise my primary goal of increasing strength.

My dinner was still healthy though, mongolian beef stew and (don’t I ever get tired of this) grilled chicken with rice.  For dessert, I avoided the carrot cake in the mall.  Instead, I waited until I got back to the apartment and had two panels of very dark (70%) chocolate –  this should be good for the antioxidants.

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


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9 thoughts on “Day 116: Working for a Reward Meal

  1. Am with Shari! I couldn´t get past thinking about you eating MONGOLIAN stew. Is that the normal stew all of us know about? Or is it something weird? I too have some dark chocolate, but only 1 little square, and it does miracles for wanting something sweet. With it am happy, without it craving something sweet. Glad all is going well there with you. Any more long runs in the neighborhood?

  2. Shari and Lynda,

    The Mongolian beef stew I ate was nothing weird, no unidentifiable bits in it, hehe. And yes, I found the dark chocolate erased my cravings, even though it was not sweet!


    Yup, as I mentioned in my post today, just did a 15 min run. I want to keep my legs fresh for my squats, so I try to keep my runs short and sweet.

  3. I love dark chocolate.. maybe just because it’s chocolate!!… For now, I keep my brain focused out of cheating meals… not until monday that I’m finished with my first muscle round, let’s see if I make it… sometimes I do get hungry,.. anyway, seems that you love cooking… ;0)… well keep it up, and good strategy by the way.. you know what?, today, on my muscle rounds for lower body, I thought about your strategy, and kept thinking that if I wanted to earn my post workout protein shake with a little bit of banana … I had to push harder and added 2.5 and 5 kilos (on the last set) more than my previos muscle round squat… any way, I just wanted to make the point that sometimes just by thinking you’re earning something better (a reward meal, better physique… I don’t know) might help you push harder on yourself.. so good one today… thank you for your support Ron… keep it up.

  4. Ron,
    You just keep truck’n along with your shredding. So very consistent – with the plan. Your food plan is always creative. And your results have been incredible. Good for you!

  5. Yup, keep focused, Celina. Fat loss demands a stricter diet, but it looks like you’re doing really well. After round 3 you’ll have more leeway with your food.

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