Day 114: Getting Comfortable with Getting Uncomfortable

Day 114

Good day, everyone!

After work I drove down to the foreshore again to do 15 minutes of HIIT running. I have to admit that I was initially in two minds whether to push through with it as I was feeling just a little bit of soreness in my thighs from the squats yesterday, but as soon as I started running, the soreness didn’t matter. It was a bit overcast, but still warm and a gentle sea breeze was blowing, so it was perfect running weather. I also remembered Suzette’s post today about going out of your comfort zone in order to get results.  I know that I will need to get more and more outside my comfort zone as the intensity of my weight training increases (and the 5X5 program increases the intensity with metronomic regularity), so I have to make sure I don’t chicken out this early in the game. What was I even thinking? A little soreness is not going to stop me!

Later in the evening, I dropped by the grocery to get some supplies, then went home and cooked two more batches of protein: a beef vindaloo and a baked barramundi. I also started soaking some white beans to cook tomorrow; I’m still thinking how I’ll be cooking it that’s quick and easy. I might make a chili out of it, or just pour some bolognese or tomato sauce for the classic recipe (pork and beans was one of my favourites growing up). Being on a strength/muscle gain phase does give me more options in how I want to prepare my food, and it’s always good to have some variety! What I do now is to cook one or two recipes every two to three days, so I am rotating food choices in and out of my meal plans.  Doing that also gives this budding chef more practice. 🙂

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Day 114 - Front Day 114 - Back Day 114 - Side

8 thoughts on “Day 114: Getting Comfortable with Getting Uncomfortable

  1. Ron, what are these things? I have never ever heard of those dishes.

    beef vindaloo and a baked barramundi

    Glad to hear you got the run completed.

  2. Wow.. a lot of new stuff!! I don’t know about those either.. :S.. anyway… keep it up.. you know what? let me give you the adress of the blog… I just got to the day 30.. and still going.. is in spanish and if I start a second Metabolic Surge round, I think I’m gonna start blogging in english… well… see you tomorrow! If you have a personal email adress that I can use to contact you, if it doesn’t bother you!

  3. Hi Celina, you have been shredding hard too and your pictures show it! I made a comment on your blog, my email address should be there. Looking forward to seeing you in the Shreddersphere.

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