Day 113: Squat Improvement

Day 113

We’re on now to the second week of the RTP Group Shred 2.0!  Shred on everybody!

I was back to the gym in the evening today for my 5X5 workout, just as my legs have started to feel “fresh” again.  Squats, bench press, hang clean, and pushups were on the agenda.  I added another 2.5 kg to both squat and hang clean, and 5 kg to my bench press to allow it to catch up.  On the squat today I focused on getting low, going below the thighs parallel to the ground.  I found that I could to this now without too much discomfort, even though the weight is already a “working” weight for me. It’s amazing how just three sessions of hip stretches had improved my squat!

The bench press was still relatively light so I just focused on getting my hand position and grip right.

On the hang clean, I found that I need to be more consistent with my catch position, as sometimes I hit my collarbone when the bar falls on my shoulders.  The weight wasn’t too heavy yet, so I have the opportunity to correct this in the next sessions.  While performing the exercise, the weight wasn’t too much of an issue, but as I am typing this late at night, I am starting to feel some DOMS in my traps and upper back already.

I didn’t set a one-set record on my pushup today, but over the course of three sets, I was able to do 98, which is 4 more than my previous 3-set total of 94.

After doing my 5X5 workout, I did my core workout and hip stretches using the resistance band.  I bought another two (stronger) bands over the weekend as I found the first one I bought was a bit too light.  The one I used today gave me just the right amount of tension during my stretches so that my hips were pulled further back compared to previous.

On nutrition, every meal was according to plan.  Though I’m not on a strictly “shredding” phase (right now my focus is on gaining strength and muscle), the Group Shred does come at a good time for me as it will help me control my nutrition (I may be tempted to “reward” myself too often), so that I don’t gain too much fat in the process of gaining muscle.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


4 thoughts on “Day 113: Squat Improvement

  1. Ron, you are doing so great! How do you like the stronglifts 5×5 program. I get his newsletters and have thought about using his program at some point.
    keep going strong!! thanks for all of your support and encouragement throughout the shreddersphere!

  2. Thanks, Mike, Lilla, and Suzette!

    Suzette, you’re welcome! I’m just paying forward (and back) the support you guys have been giving me since I started.

    On your question, I like the Stronglifts 5X5 program so far, as it has forced me to re-examine how I perform the big lifts. Doing them properly does give the muscles more of a hit even at lower weights! Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll start seeing results in muscle mass as the weights get heavier.

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