Day 112: A Meal Made on the Fly

Day 112

Today was a day to relax and let my body grow, so no training today. I measured myself soon after I woke up, and found that I had started to lose fat again and gain some muscle, reversing last week’s trend. I gained just the right amount of 0.2 to 0.3 kg, which is good as it gets me back on track.

Nutrition was clean and well-balanced, save for the remaining two “exceptions” I have budgeted for the week (I planned for 4/40, for 90% compliance), both of which went to the carrot cake! I plan to reduce these exceptions by one per week so that I will end up with only two planned exceptions, with the two reserved as insurance. I’m going to apply Adam’s “progressive discipline” approach.

Speaking of meals, I had planned to have my second meal of the day at 11:30, but then realised that I was supposed to hear mass at 11:00.Ā  Normally I would have heated up the individual pre-cooked components of meal (some form of meat and either brown rice or sweet potatoes), and then steamed some frozen vegetables in the microwave, but I didn’t have enough time. Ā I needed to make with something quick before rushing off to church, and I came up with a concoction of whole-wheat biscuit cereal, cooked peas, and strawberries, drowned in cookies-and-cream-flavoured protein powder mixed with non-fat milk. It turned out so colourful, that I had to pause and take a picture.

My impromptu meal

My impromptu concoction

It didn’t taste bad either!

I went out for a short walk by the foreshore and onto a cold and very windy jetty in the afternoon, and was able to catch a few photos of birds I haven’t encountered up close before. The most interesting one (for me) was the Australian pelican, which according to Wikipedia, has the largest bill among birds.

Australian Pelican on Semaphore Jetty

Australian Pelican on Semaphore Jetty

Hope your weekends went well. Tomorrow, I’m back to lifting!

Eat clean, train hard, expect success!


7 thoughts on “Day 112: A Meal Made on the Fly

  1. Ron, you are Mr. Discipline. I admire you and I will copy some of your habits, first thing I copied was the meal-preparation which went better in the last days.

    I LOVE the picture of your inspiratioinal meal, it is so colourful! I loved the combination of peas and strawberries.

    Shred on like this, you are a role model.


  2. Good job on limiting your “exceptions”. That carrot cake sure can be hard to pass up. It’s gotta be good for you though, it’s got carrots in it! LOL!

  3. Juli, Celina, BuffedStuff, Adam, and Lilla,

    Thanks for visiting. Glad you found my impromptu meal interesting šŸ˜€


    Carrot cake is a definite candidate for a “reward” meal for me. Perhaps if I found one without the icing, it wouldn’t be that bad. I think Lilla may have a healthier raw recipe for it that I can make myself. Hmm…

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