Day 111: Market-ing and Beach Running

Day 111

For those of you celebrating Halloween (and All Saints/All Souls/Todos Los Santos), I trust you’ve been able to control yourselves and followed Adam’s suggestion of thinking about your goals before you indulge in all that food!  For me, it wasn’t a problem at all; no kids around me and no parties to go to, so it was a quiet night.

I woke up a bit later than usual to catch up on sleep, then just before noon I drove to Adelaide’s Central Market to check out what’s available.  There were lots of fruits and vegetables on sale, with a wider range of choices than can be found in the big chain supermarkets (cheap, mid range, organic).  Unfortunately, I had just stocked up my fridge with those just a few days ago so I didn’t but much, but I did but a few punnets of strawberries and one of blueberries, both of which were being sold cheaper than supermarket prices.  I also bought some white beans, mung beans, and bean sprouts to add variety to my diet.  The meat and the fish also looked very fresh (and usually cheaper too), but alas, my fridge is already full!

It was interesting too to see so many different kinds of coffee, beans, cheeses, olives, and mushrooms, as many of the stores were specialists in one particular product.  All in all, very different from the supermarket where everything just seems so plain and packaged already.

In the late afternoon, I drove again the short distance to the beach to do my 15-minute HIIT run.  I ran on the jogging path until I reached my turning point (10 minutes in), but once I got there, I decided on a whim to get off the track and run on the beach.  So I took off and carried my shoes, then walked toward the waterline.  I tried to run, but it was much harder to do so, so I couldn’t keep up the same intensity as on the track.  Near the water, the sand was relatively firm; however, there were some areas where the sand was dry and gives way and others were the sand was compacted and hard.  I ended up taking more than 20 minutes to get back (plus a few minutes walk to cool down), but it was a nice challenge to my legs and feet..

Running along Semaphore beach, South Australia

Running along Semaphore beach, South Australia

Sorry for the dark picture, as you can see, it was late afternoon, and I forgot to turn on flash compensation on the camera.

On the way back, I encountered a group of three magpies on the ground. I was able to get a picture of one of them before it scurried away. I read that the Australian magpie is actually a different species from their relatives in Europe.

Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie

Nutrition was good healthy food, with just the one planned exception I made today, which was a slice of carrot cake (bought cheap at the market) with my lunch.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


3 thoughts on “Day 111: Market-ing and Beach Running

  1. That place looks just great… as Juli says, thanks for showing us those great moments and places… you’re not gonna believe me but the city where I live in Mexico is sourrounded by mountains, not even close to the sea… but I don’t know, maybe the post from the other day that you were running right at the beach that I had a dream and saw ocean in my city… crazy huh?… well… nice post.

  2. Your blog just ate all that I had written as didn´t fill in that mess on the side, so will say that loved your blog. Loved your visit to the market, and enjoyed seeing all the things with you. Yes, we have Spanish magpies here in my yard all the time, and they are different. Same black and white, but so different. I don´t like them, as they are such mean birds….
    Enjoy those strawberries!

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