Day 110: New Workout Venue

Day 110

Buenos dias, Shredders!

It’s day 5 of the RTP Group Shred 2.0, and it looks like everyone’s on a roll!  Special congratulations to Danny for passing his physical tests with smashing success!

No encounters with magpies today, as my training was entirely indoors.  The big city gym I have been frequenting here in Adelaide just opened a new branch about 5 km closer to where I am staying.  So it’s 10 minutes saved each way, and parking is free!  As the gym only opened  a few days ago, there were much fewer people there when I went after work, so no waiting at all for any equipment!

It was another Stronglifts 5×5 workout today: squat, barbell overhead press, deadlift, and chinups.  Again I used a bigger increment for the weights compared to the last time on the 1st three exercises.  I’m starting to feel the weight now on the squat (65 kg) and OH press (35 kg) , so next workout I’ll start using the recommended 2.5 kg increments on those so that my strength can adapt slowly.  For the chinup (which I should have done last time but instead did the pullup), I was able to get 13, 9, and 5 on the three sets to failure.

Oh, there was one drawback of using new gym equipment – the knurls on the barbells were still quite sharp!

After the 5X5 workout, I then did my core work, including my (working on hard to be my) favorite prone bridges on a swiss ball.

No problem with nutrition, everything was done within plan.  As it’s a Friday, I chose to be a bit fancier than usual so I had the sirloin steak, caesar salad, and baked sweet potatoes for dinner!

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


6 thoughts on “Day 110: New Workout Venue

  1. Thanks for the congrats in your post, lol.

    Your doing an awesome job with your workout plan!
    Btw.: What do you find ore difficult, chinups or pull ups?
    I personally always got along with chinups easier.

    Shred on

  2. Hey Shari,

    Just reaching out to our Shredder friends in different places. I also studied a bit of German and Spanish, so always good not to forget how to greet people. 🙂

    Have a great weekend too!

  3. No worries, Danny!

    On your question, I found chinups somewhat easier than pullups. I think it has something to do with the biceps being able to assist a bit more in chinups rather than pullups.

  4. Hi Celina, good to know I have a fan!

    How are you doing in your own fitness journey? Would be great to read also how you are doing in your daily accountability (blog), even if I have to use Google Translate to make sense of it 😀

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