Day 109: Jogging By The Beach

Day 109

Guten Tag, Shredders!

Today I have been feeling the effects of yesterday’s workout, especially the hang cleans.  A good ache has spread through my traps and upper back.  I like it!  I had missed doing that particular exercise.  It’s amazing that even with a relatively light weight you can hit the muscles hard as long as you stick to proper form.

I have no weight workout today, but did about 17.5 minutes of HIIT running in the parks by the beach, which is about 2 km away.  By the beach there is a proper jogging and cycling path paved with asphalt, unlike the concrete footpaths (sidewalk) in the neigbourhood I am staying in, which I found to be hard on my feet.  It was a sunny day, a breeze was blowing, and the air was just right, not too hot, and not cold as it’s springtime down under.  On my outbound leg it wasn’t too bad, but on the return leg, the wind started blowing strongly against me, so that gave me a bit more challenge.  Another challenge was keeping my mouth shut and my hands waving from time to time – the bush flies were out in force!  It seems to be a recurring problem in certain parts of Australia whenever the weather starts warming up.

On my previous runs I saw many different birds, many of which i am not familiar with (being the tropical boy I am).  I did encounter a few magpies too, and it was good to learn from Mike that I have to be careful with them not swooping down on me from behind.

Nutrition was on track.  I did have my last meal at the mall as my planned exception meal, where I enjoyed some curry on rice and then a few cookies.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


8 thoughts on “Day 109: Jogging By The Beach

  1. You seem to be full-speed on the Shredding-track. Great job, Ron.

    Birding is very interesting, I love to watch them and heard that Australia has a lot to offer and many different species. Great experience for you.


  2. Yeah, watch those maggies mate! Did you see on the news a week or so a go a young school girls lost an eye when a maggie swooped? Can be very dangerous. I just keep my head down and keep going.

  3. Hi Ron, would love to be running by the beach. Ok, maybe not running but sunbathing!! LOL. Wish I had a home in Australia that way I could live in the USA in the summer & head your way during the USA winter!! I guess I could consider Florida….hmmm…..

    Keep shredding hard. I see you’re doing great.

  4. Hey Juli, yes, I started to bring along a small camera when I’m running/jogging outside so that I could capture interesting birds I encounter. I also have a larger camera with a long zoom (which would be great for bird watching), but it’s hard to run with it!

  5. Shari, Mike, and Christy,

    Yup, I’ll definitely watch out for those magpies. So far the ones I’ve encountered were close to the ground, so no danger there. The lone one I saw on a rooftop I kept watch on the whole time I passed by.

  6. Shari and Debbie,

    Yup, I’ve been here in Australia working on a string of projects (in different cities) for the past year. I do get home to Manila every 2 to 3 months (for 2 weeks usually).

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