Day 108: The Big Cookfest

Day 108

After yesterday’s grocery trip, tonight it was a cookfest! I had marinated my sirloin steaks and grilled them in the oven. Next I baked my smoked cod fillets, then after that the salmon fillets. While the cod and the salmon was cooking in the oven, I was cooking brown rice on the stovetop. Then after the fish were done, it was sweet potatoes’ turn to get baked. In between, I was steaming frozen vegetables in the microwave for my meals at work tomorrow, weighed and partitioned the meat, fish, rice, and baked sweet potatoes into my three lunchboxes. Lastly, I started marinating some chicken breasts and pork loin steaks, so that they’ll be ready to cook tomorrow.

Whew, that was a workout! As I wrote yesterday, cooking and preparing food is something that I know will help me get to my goals. It also happens to be something that I find enjoyable, so that’s two birds with one stone. After all this came the cleanup, which is the part I don’t love as much as the cooking, hehe.

I actually did all this after I came home from my workout and had dinner. Workout today was squats, bench press, hang cleans, and pushups, followed by my Flatten Your Abs Level 4 Set A. I have found that with the relatively light weights I am using right now, I have been able to re-learn the exercises and focus on the details like hand position, grip, and (full) range of motion. This was true especially on the hang cleans, where I felt like I was finally getting the “catch” part right. To compensate for the lighter weights, I shortened the rest intervals to about 45 seconds. That got me a pretty good workout. Can’t wait till I hit heavier weights (patience, patience…)

Hope your days were as exciting as mine was. Now, I need to get my recovery sleep.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


12 thoughts on “Day 108: The Big Cookfest

  1. I agree with Juli… also I could picture everything in my mind… great preparation…
    Oh the hang clean! the catch, one tip could be the speed of the elbows, but, I really don’t know how you’re doing them, because when you start increasing the weight it’s starts to get ugly! you know, bringing the weight back to the hanging position… you can use straps but it might hurt your wrists or elbows… how are you doing them? well.. weightlifting was my passion that’s why I ask you so much questions… …. I wish I could compete with you but I’m not longer strong! :0(.. haha… (well my best clean was 112.5 kgs. 247.5 lbs… official.. senior nationals in my country).

  2. ugh, in the old times i would eat all that food in one go because it sounds delicious! I blame your good cooking if i start overeating in the near future hehe(joke).

    Doing great ron! Thanks for the frequent comments on my blog, bud.

    Shred on


  3. “I have been able to re-learn the exercises and focus on the details”

    I agree as I am in the first few weeks of the 5×5 program. I’ve been especially focusing on proper squat form – never rounding the back and activating the “inner corset” to protect the spine. So far so good – I am up to 1.1x my body weight w/o a hint of lower back pain.

    for the “inner corset” idea.

  4. Loved reading how well you are taking care of yourself. Most men alone wouldn´t be bothered. That just shows how well this new mission of yours will be! Hope all goes well for you this week.

  5. Juli, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m sure it’s the same with a woman (though they wouldn’t admit it). 😀

  6. Celina, yes, I read that you have to focus on thrusting the elbows quickly forward, and that made my catch better. Hope to stick to the form even as the weight increases, though I still have a looong way to go to your record!

  7. Celina, also, the weight right now is not heavy yet, so there’s not that much strain on my hands+elbows. We’ll see when it gets heavier.

    I still want to be able to play the piano when I get back to Manila!

  8. Really, Danny! I found that when doing a lot of food at one time there is less tendency to “taste” the food while making it. I do try out a few bits and pieces when chopping up fruit, in the name of “quality control” 😀

  9. Yes, Lynda, taking care of yourself, even when alone, is the name of the game. There was a time when I was in Korea (and was often lazy to cook), I often took away a dinner of pizza and deep fried chicken during my last month there. Suffice it to say, it wrecked my figure! So no more relying on takeaway food.

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