Day 107: Importance of Meal Preparation

Day 107

Hello Shredders!

It’s the second day of the RTP Group Shred 2.0!  It’s exciting to have many people focused on their goals at the same time.

I didn’t have any planned weight training today, but I did plan (and do) 15 minutes of HIIT running after arriving from work in order to keep my metabolism up.  I intend to continue alternating cardio with weight training while my weight training workouts are not yet too demanding.

One crucial thing to success in any physique transformation is proper planning and preparation of meals.  I know that preparing my meals ahead of time and bringing them to work helped me a lot in making sure that I hit my calorie targets better than just “guestimating” what you get from a cafeteria or takeaway place.  Bringing healthy food to work also helps with avoiding temptations such as dipping into the office biscuit jar (which I did a few times when I was in-between my missions).  Having some of these “treats” is okay from time to time, but when you are focused on a physique goal, these treats can add up pretty quickly if you’re not careful.

I had noted yesterday that my supplies were running low, so this evening I went to the supermarket to stock up on fish, lean meats, eggs, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, veggies, and fruit.  I then plan to cook them over the next few days to ensure that I don’t run out of healthy food and be forced to go out into the nutritional wilderness.

An additional benefit of planning and preparing meals is that you know when you are allowed to reward yourself!  According to Tom Venuto, a good rule of thumb is to shoot for 90% or better compliance to your nutrition plan.

Eat clean, train hard, expect success!


8 thoughts on “Day 107: Importance of Meal Preparation

  1. I can see you there eating all those fab foods and getting strong and lean on them. so glad to have you with us this time around. Makes it special.
    Have a good Tuesday!

  2. Hey Ron, I wish I had the time to cook all these nice and healthy foods…but as Michael said once: You make the time!

    I should.

    You rock!


  3. I agree with you on the meal planning this has been my saving grace. It is just another tool in setting yourself up for success. You are doing a excellent job, make it happen 😉

  4. You are right on when you talk about planning your meals ahead of time. I’ve tried diets before and they never lasted because I just guessed about what I was eating. Also because when you don’t know what you are going to eat you wind up eating whatever you can get which usually isn’t very healthy. By the way, thanks for talking me into sticking with the metabolic surge program. I’m going to see it through all the way now.

    Thanks, Jason.

  5. Thanks Lynda, Juli, Danny, and BuffedStuff. Food is a topic close to my heart (and stomach). Getting it right while enjoying it is something we all need to have to get us to our physique goals. Let’s get cooking!

  6. Hey Jason, glad to know that you agree with meal planning. Also great to know you are now sticking with Metabolic Surge’s nutrition plan. Stay focused and you’ll get to your goal. Shred on!

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