Day 106: Jumpstart

Day 106

Hello Shredders!

After work, I was back to the gym today doing the Stronglifts 5X5 program.  Squats, barbell OH presses, deadlifts, and chinups were the order of the day.  I increased the weight on the bar for each of the exercises (except pullups, which is bodyweight only) by two to three times the default increment of 2.5 kg in order for me to more quickly get to speed.  I’ll be slowing down the weight increases as the exercises start to require more effort.  I should have done chinups today but didn’t read my plan too closely and did pullups instead.  Oh well, at least I was able to increase my pullups to 14 on the first set (up from 12 last time).

After 5X5, I did set B of Flatten Your Abs Level 4 again.  I’m now nearly able to hold steady for almost 2 seconds on the swiss ball prone bridges (at least on the first set of 10 per side).  During the last two times I did this particular exercise, I could only do 2 sets of 10 per side; now I’m up to 3 sets!

Finally, I tried out some hip stretches using a resistance band I bought just yesterday, which I found while browsing the shops at the mall.  Good thing as I really need to work on my hip flexibility to ensure that I can do squats properly as the weights start to get heavier and heavier.

All in all, a successful workout!  Nutrition was good and clean for the whole day.

I decided to join the RTP Group Shred 2.0, to give me some pressure to jumpstart my current mission.  Good luck to all Shredders, old and new!

Eat clean, train hard, expect success!


10 thoughts on “Day 106: Jumpstart

  1. Hi Ron,
    I saw on Adam´s blog that you were in with the new Shred, and will be great being in with you in this. The first Shred was such a memorable one for all of us, and trust that this one will be too. Glad you got some bands…they work so well. Lots on the youtube showing new ideas too.

  2. Hi Ron, great to have you on board mate! You have demonstrated the highest level of dedication and committment, as well as supporting your fellow Shredders. Shred hard man!

  3. Thanks Lynda, good to know you’re in it as well! Yes the bands are a cool addition to my training arsenal; I just bought the beginner band but might get the more advanced as wel so that I can progress.

  4. Hi Adam, I’m excited to join and also see other shredders practicing what you preach. I’m sure you’ll do great and meet your own Shred target!

  5. Hi Ron! Great post today….Food prep pretty makes eating clean a no brainer. I did the same thing you did yesterday…grocery shopping and cooking. I grilled some chicken, cut up some veggies and made a huge salad. I know some people make up oatmeal ahead, but I can’t handle that…I make mine fresh each morning.

  6. Hi Diane, I don’t know yet how much I can gain, but according to Tom V, a conservative estimate is 0.5 lb/0.25 kg per week, so I’m targetting 3kg+ by the end of this 12-week mission.

  7. Thanks Shari, I do enjoy shopping for healthy food too (a little to much, hehe). For oatmeal, I cook it fresh like you do each morning, then put in frozen mixed berries or blueberries.

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