Day 105: Reviewing and Adjusting

Day 105

Good day, Shredders!

My training today was simply about 30 minutes of steady-state cardio, which was jogging to the beach, taking a few snaps, then running back!  I also took some snaps of the beautiful flowers around (many roses here in South Australia) and some birds which I am not familiar with.  Nutrition was ok, normal food within my calorie limits.

This morning I measured my weight and my skinfolds, and found that compared to last week, I had lost some lean mass (about 0.7 kg) but kept my bodyfat about the same (actually, down 0.1 kg).  This of course is not what I want; I need to gain lean mass and keep my bodyfat the same (or even lower it).  Is this week a failure then? No!  This just means that what I did this past week brought me to this state.

I think what happened is that my body adjusted to the lower training demand I asked of it.  If you recall, I am following StrongLifts 5X5 from the beginning, using 20kg weights on the exercises, which really does not demand much of my muscles.  I do know that I will be increasing the weights with each training session, so I should be back to more demanding workouts in a few weeks time.  Meanwhile, I will be increasing the weight increments by a bigger amounts to get me there faster.  If I find that my exercise form starts to waver, I will move back to smaller increments.

Don’t forget to review your progress regularly, and then adjust your training and nutrition according to your feedback.

Eat clean, train hard, expect success!


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