Day 103: Feeling the Stretch

Day 103

Hello Shredders!

Thanks to all your kind comments to my post yesterday.  It feels good to be able to inspire other people, and this inspires me also to continue with my mission!

After finishing another week at work, I went to the gym to my 5X5 strength training and my core workout.  As I planned, I increased the load on my squat, bench press, and power clean by 5 kg each.  As it was still pretty light (30 kg for squat, 25 kg for the others), I went as low as I can on the squat and felt the stretch on my hips as I hit bottom.  Now I know why some months before, I felt a strain on my inner-right thigh while squatting, which took a few weeks to go away.  On the bench press and power clean, I just focused on getting the movements and grips right.  To cap off the 5X5 workouts, I did 3 sets of pushups to failure.  I got into a groove on my first set when the music on my player happened to be a nice, rhythmic piece, so I was able to break my personal record in that set!

Mark suggested the other day that I should do some stretches with resistance bands to loosen up my hips.  I don’t have bands with me here, but I do have some stretch bands in Manila, so I’ll try the stretches in the videos when I get back.  For now, I just stretched a few times using a stretch I read somewhere (I don’t remember where or what it’s called) by kneeling with my knees slightly apart (feet slightly out), and then squatting and bending forward.  It felt a bit painful at first, but as I relaxed it felt good.  It did take a bit of effort to get out of the stretch position though!  I’ll be researching over the weekend for a few more stretches and try them out in the weeks to come.

Nutrition was good and balanced the whole day, except for my last meal when I ate some cookies!  It was planned though (part of following the 90/10 target recommended by Tom Venuto), so I don’t worry about it too much.  Of course I will have to measure again at the end of this week to know if I’m giving myself too much slack.

Eat clean, train hard, expect success!


6 thoughts on “Day 103: Feeling the Stretch

  1. Hey Ron,
    Sounds like another extra-good day for you. I bought some stretch bands, and they are sooo good. In fact, there are lots of sites online that show you how to stretch and why. That is something I too need to do. Just might try it out too. Hope you´ll have a good weekend. Get out for a long walk and see more of Adelaide. Have a coffee and enjoy yourself. You sure do deserve it!

  2. wow ron. Breaking your record on your first day of doing pushups again.
    How many were they?
    And yeah, stretching is a good idea, even if in some cases ive heard reccomendations against it, like when doing pushups, pullups or bench pressing.
    Stretching will loosen the muscles a bit, but for great results in benching, you need denser, more compact muscles rather than loose and stretched muscles.
    But for running or any for of cardio its a great idea in my oppinion.
    Shred on ron.


  3. Be patient with the 5×5’s the weight adds up, believe me. It’s a great mental boost to add weight every workout. Keep up the good work bud!

  4. Hi Eric, I’m planning on doubling the increases only during the first few weeks, and will slow down to the standard workout-to-workout increases of 2.5 kg as I get to significant loading on each exercise.

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