Day 102: Writing Down Your Goals

Day 102

Bonjour, Shredders!

My training today consisted of a 15-minute HIIT run, using the near-maximal protocol (20s run, 5 s walk). I just ran a loop around the suburb and tried a few new roads. I wasn’t as quick today as I was when I was doing HIIT regulary during Mission 1; I can think of two reasons: I need time to “get back into the groove”, and second, my breathing airways started getting dry much sooner than it did when I was runnin through Brisbane and Manila. This confirms the saying that South Australia is the driest state in the driest continent. The humidity here in Adelaide today was hovering around 20 to 30%, while in Brisbane and in Manila it’s closer to 80% most of the time.

After listening again to the Burn The Fat teleseminar series, I noted that Tom Venuto recommends a zigzag method of dieting when trying to gain lean mass while keeping bodyfat low, so today, I dropped my caloric intake back to maintenance levels and will do so for the next two days, then bring it back up again to a small surplus.

It looks to me (and some others on the Shreddersphere) that it’s getting quieter here, with some Shredders dropping out of the radar, never to appear again, or some getting a post here and there. I understand that many people have very busy lives, but hopefully they are still able to do something about their fitness goals even if they are not able to post regularly, or at all. It would be good though to know how they are doing, with a post even once a week.

It could also be that some may have lost their motivation. For those shredders, try to refocus on your goals. Since Day 3 of my Mission 1 (July 16th) I have taken Tom Venuto’s advice of writing my goals down everyday. I do this as soon as I can after waking up, writing into a small notebook, and read them again least once during the day, usually before sleeping. Since I started I have not missed a day doing this. Coupled with reading my powerful reasons why from time to time, I feel that this has contributed greatly to my progress.

I have a short story on how important my goal notebook is to me. When I went back to Manila last time for my short break, I re-read my goals while on the plane, and accidentally left the notebook in the seat pocket. I realized it only after I had already passed immigration and was waiting for my luggage. I realized I didn’t want to leave it there, so I went right back through immigration and asked the airline to retrieve it for me. I was escorted back onto the plane; luckily the cleaners had not thrown it out yet! I was so relieved and barely noticed that a storm had already been pouring outside (that was the day when I almost went back to a flooded house).

Sometimes I re-read my older goals and see that I have been accomplishing many of them little by little (starting with my daily, weekly, and short-term goals), and that gives me encouragement to push through! The goals have also been evolving as time goes on as I get a clearer image of what I want to achieve the more times I write down my goals.

Welcome back to the sphere, Larry!  Hope to see you return to a regular fitness plan.

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


Here’s something I found (through Men’s Health online) that might raise a few chuckles: The Morning Banana Diet. Sometimes I think that these fad diets are really just marketing ploys. Bananas are good, though. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Day 102: Writing Down Your Goals

  1. Really good to have a shredder like you around, ron.
    I agree that good people are leaving lately. The question is, why?
    Probably motivation problems or simply failure.
    With myself lately, ive noticed just small changes. My desire to blog daily has become a bit weaker, even though i am eager to get that up and running again, but i still do my best every day and failure isnt an option.
    Ill have to make the daily accountability a priority again, including pics.
    Your doing very well, ron.
    If i had a hat on id take it of for you (lol)
    Shred on!

  2. Hi Ron, the entire post is so encouraging! You seem to be, by your posts, a really wise and mature young man… well, I agree with you in all aspects and I think that a lot of people fail trying to achive their fitness goals, it’s hard to see a daily picture that shows nothing different, or is hard to eat something you shouldn’t and throw the day away saying you’ve already spoiled everything… and if after that, you have to take a picture and show the world you failed, well, it’s something embarrassing… right now the most important thing in you is your motivation, it seems nothing can take you away from your path, and it’s great to find that… after I saw your success in metabolic surge, I started day one, and when I was afraid of not doing something correct, or when people give their opinion when they see you eating cottage cheese, flax seed oil caps and almonds, something like: IS THAT WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO EAT?… well… it’s hard but I feel like I can’t fail, I can’t fall of the wagon… well.. enough for today… still following you!! ok?

  3. Hi Ron,
    Came by for my daily happy fix. Love reading your blog and getting new ideas on what to do for myself. That deal about a notebook and your daily goals is a neat idea, so think I will do just that too. Beginning tomorrow. I too saw that Banana diet in Japan. Maybe it really isn´t that crazy if you think that by eating bananas in the morning, you do what FIT FOR LIFE says of eating fruit until noon…and might be less calories rather than what the Japanese eat (have no idea). For sure, the Spaniards eat a café con leche, and a croissant. Not good eating, but WONDERFUL. Have a good day. Need to look up Adelaide on my map.

  4. Thanks Danny. As time goes on, I noticed too that changes do not come as fast as they did in the first few weeks, after the “newbie” magic days (assuming one does stay long enough to get some tangible results). This is when we need to develop the value of patience, chipping away every day until we could reach our goals. I feel that regular accountability pics still provide value so that we could catch ourselves before we stray too far.

  5. Hi Celina,

    Thank you very much for your compliments; I am still learning a lo, though I am always eager to share what I learn with others.

    On the daily pictures, I have learned to be patient. It seemed to me too that nothing was happening for the first few days, but I surprised even myself with my changes after four weeks. Don’t try to find the changes on a day-to-day basis, as that would just be frustrating. Rather, compare pics at least a week or two apart, then you should see noticeable differences as long as you have been executing your plans well. If you “fail”, then it’s just another way of knowing what does not work for you. Remember, it is not failure until you give up!

    Also if people tell you what you are doing is “weird” or you’re loca, just ignore them. They’ll keep quiet once they see improvements in you. 🙂

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