Day 101: Second 5X5 Training Day

Day 101

Hello everybody!  It’s my second day of training using Stronglifts 5X5, and on schedule were squats, barbell overhead presses, deadlifts and pullups.  For squats, I added 5 kg instead of 2.5 kg to the weight on the bar (total 25kg) in order to get me up to a more challenging weight a bit faster, as I do have some experience doing it.  For OH presses, as it was my first time doing it on the program, it was an empty bar (20kg), and with deadlifts, 40kg starting weight.  Squats and OH presses were 5X5 while deadlifts were 1X5.  Pullups were three sets to failure, and I was able to do 11, 7, and 6, starting from a dead hang on every rep.

As the weighted exercises were still very light, I focused on my execution, making sure to squat below parallel, as well as keeping the rest intervals no more than 1 minute.  I realized that the reason I wasn’t going very low is that my hips are a bit tight, but the constant practice I’ll be getting from doing squats every workout should loosen this up soon.  I’ll be adding 5 kg to both squats and deadlifts for the on each of the first few workouts until I feel that the weight becomes significant, as recommended by the author for trainees with significant experience on doing those exercises.  I just have to be patient to let my body adapt to doing these full body exercises frequently.

After 5X5 training, I then did my core exercises, using Level 4, Set B of the Flatten Your Abs program.  This routine is the one which contains the prone bridge on the swiss ball, and I am happy to say that I’ve been improving on this exercise every time!  I can now hold the one-hand raised position on each side for at least 2 counts with some stability.  It really does take complete concentration to do those, and after each set, I really had to catch my breath!

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


4 thoughts on “Day 101: Second 5X5 Training Day

  1. I’ve been using some stretches with resistance bands to help with tightness – hips, hamstrings, groin, etc…

    They are AWESOME. Highly recommended!

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