Day 97: A Walkabout in Adelaide

Day 97

Bonjour Shredders!

I woke up today looking forward to a day of seeing Adelaide, but felt a headache as I got out of bed. Looking out the window, the sky was overcast, not clear and sunny as had been forecasted. I made my breakfast, took some medication, then went back to sleep to let my headache subside.

Two and a half hours later, I woke up to a bright spring day and just a trace of a headache (the kind which you feel only when you move your head suddenly). Encouraged by this, I packed my daytripper bag and had my meal, then crossed the road to the train station, bound for the city.

Central Adelaide is laid out in a grid pattern with wide streets and green squares within, and entirely surrounded by parklands. I mostly just walked around the city streets and ended up spending time in a pedestrianized street mall, Rundle Mall. Among the interesting things I saw there were a group of bronze sculptures masquerading as pigs.

Horatio (foreground) and Oliver (background) at Rundle Mall

Horatio (foreground) and Oliver (background) at Rundle Mall

I also visited the Migration Museum, an interesting exhibit which looks into how migration has shaped Australia’s past and present.

Upon returning in the evening, I read up on the Stronglifts 5X5 Strength Program, as recommended by Mark of Dad Rewrite (programming) blog.  I haven’t read it completely yet, but it looks like a very good program to follow as I want to focus on gaining strength and mastering good form to build a good base for my future missions.  By tomorrow, I should be able to decide which program to follow and write out my mission goals.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


One thought on “Day 97: A Walkabout in Adelaide

  1. So fun to read about your walkabout. The piggys are adorable. So glad you have a fun place to walk. That´s just what I like. You can see things, but still go pretty fast, and people to check out too. Have a good Sunday!

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