Day 95: Two Rounds of Metabolic Surge

Day 95

Metabolic Surge: Strength/Recovery Phase, Day 10

Mabuhay, Shredders!

Today I mark the completion of two complete cycles of Metabolic Surge! It’s been a great experience for me to learn about how far I can push myself in terms of training volume and intensity. I also learned to be disciplined with my nutrition with the aim of fat loss, greatly enhanced by knowing the principles through Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

As a celebration, I had a reward meal at the mall (Thursday is the only day when the mall here is open in the evening) as my last of five meals for the day. Interestingly, given that there were other choices there, I ordered a grilled chicken fillet and caesar salad (healthy) paired with a lasagne which I could only eat half of (the “reward” part). As I was too full after that, my dessert of a small slice of carrot cake only followed more than two hours later, together with an apple.

So what now? For those of you who have been waiting for details, my next mission I am planning to go back to the “basics” by focusing on the big lifts with proper form, and putting on some quality muscle mass in the process while keeping bodyfat low.  I want my next Shredding phase to reveal a much fitter person!  Ove the past few days I have been researching which program I’m going to follow for this next mission. Once I make a decision, I’ll post it here.

Some of you may be wondering what the word “mabuhay” means. In my native language (Filipino), it’s a traditional greeting and a blessing which literally means “Be alive!”.  What we all do is a celebration of life, right?

I’m saying a prayer for Dougal. Given all the challenges he’s been through, he’s a good example of someone who embodies what the meaning of the word Mabuhay! is.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


3 thoughts on “Day 95: Two Rounds of Metabolic Surge

  1. Hi Ron! Congrats on finishing all that MS. I know how proud you must feel to have finished, so a big High5! I too did that, and know how hard it was to do correctly. I too would have eaten some carrot cake. So fun to have a reward meal and deserve it.
    I think you are great to remember Dougal! I too am worried about him and hope that he´ll be better soon. In fact, I just now lit a candle for him. We can´t do enough…..

    Tell us what you decide on. Have you tried Warp Speed? Email me if you are interested….

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