Day 94: Resting and Planning

Day 94

Metabolic Surge: Strength/Recovery Phase, Day 9

Guten Tag, Shredders!

I did no training in the gym today, as planned on the Metabolic Surge program. I really do need the rest as my back’s sore from the deadlifts (stiff-legged one day, and then “regular” the next).

However, I did visit two gyms in order to have a backup once my vouchers from the city gym run out. I was able to find two possible ones within 15 minutes drive, both more affordable than the one from the other day. Neither of them were one of the fancy chain gyms, but they had the equipment (free weights for the most part) that I was looking for. In fact, one is more of a hard-core gym, which would suit me just fine. I’ll just have to plan how to go about this and maximize my savings from using the remaining vouchers I have for the gym in the city (free to use but with the added cost of parking) and just using the other gym when I’m about to run out of vouchers or short on time. It also depends on the training plan I decide to use. It can get complicated, but I’ll make it work!

It was interesting that both Adam’s and Lynda’s posts today talked about revealing something of your self, one about revealing bits and pieces of one’s life for other Shredders to have a better “connection”, while the other about revealing things online which one would not discuss offline with the “real” world. My thoughts on the first is that yes, sharing bits and pieces of your own life and reading tidbits of “real” life from other Shredders does help in creating a sense of community and realism to what we are doing. On the second, writing online allows us to have someone else share in our dreams, which may not be understood by the “real” people around us, or, in some cases (like mine), allows one to share these dreams at all! The Shreddersphere allows me to connect with other like-minded people so its value to one like me who is living alone most of the time is immeasurable.

No problems following a “normal” eating plan for me today.

Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


2 thoughts on “Day 94: Resting and Planning

  1. Well said, the sphere is a great place. I thank God for it and the folks like you that have inspired and encouraged me! Shred on buddy!

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