Day 92: Inspired to Train Through Soreness

Day 92

Metabolic Surge: Strength/Recovery Phase, Day 7

It was my first day at work on my new project site here in Adelaide.  Things got off to a good start so I was happy there.  Good thing too that I have already gotten into the habit of cooking my own meals and bringing them to work, as the selection from the food van that drops by at lunchtime is very limited.

I got a call back in the afternoon from the gym I visited yesterday.  As I had feared, their short-term memberships cost an arm and a leg per month, so my search for a training base continues.  I was feeling a bit down because of this.  Added to the fact that my lower back was still sore from my deadlifting the two days ago, I felt I had a reason to postpone today’s planned training for tomorrow, using the gym in the city.

As I was checking out the Shreddersphere after work, I checked out Adam’s Shredder Sunday post, and was immediately inspired to take action!  I realized I had quite a few vouchers left for the city gym, so I quickly prepared my stuff and drove the 25 minutes to the city.  There I cranked out my Strength Training workout for the lower body, consisting of squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, and calf raises, setting personal bests on each one, if only by a small amount!  I realize I could have gone a bit deeper with the squats, but that’s a goal for next time!  Today was all about getting my arse to the gym and doing what it takes to get me to my goals, and I was glad to get that done.

After getting back to my apartment I then cooked up another batch of protein, this time baked barramundi and smoked cod.  Together with my two variants of baked chicken breasts, beef sirloin steak, and two and a half-dozen eggs, I have enough to last me more than a few days, so there would be little excuse to miss having protein with every meal.

Do what it takes to get to your goals every day.  Eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


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