Day 90: Setting Up Shop

Day 90

Metabolic Surge: Strength/Recovery Phase, Day 5

Another busy day for me. After catching up on my sleep, waking up and eating my breakfast a bit later than usual, I went online and did some research for a gym I could use while I’m here in Adelaide. I looked up three places near where I’m staying that seemed to be okay, and noted their addresses. If they didn’t pan out, I could use the Fitness First in the city centre (where I could work out for a limited number of times on my “passport” gym membership), but as it was more than 20 minutes away by car and no free parking, that’s my “insurance” gym.

I drove out to the three gyms I listed; none of them were ok. Two were just a personal training studios, and one was out of business. I decided to just go to the gym in the city later in the afternoon, and did my food shopping instead. I stocked up on my protein by buying fish (barramundi and basa), chicken breasts, and lean cuts of beef and pork. I also bought mostly fresh veggies instead of frozen ones, as it turns out much cheaper to do so; it just takes a bit more preparation.

In the afternoon, I then drove to the city to find the gym there.  I had some trouble looking for a parking spot, though I did find one eventually.  By the time I got to the gym, it was less than one hour before closing, so I decided to do my workout as quickly as I can.  Today’s training was Strength Training for the upper body.  Time was short, so I made sure to finish the bigger body parts (chest, back, shoulders, and core) and forego the arm exercises as the biceps and triceps would already be hit by focusing on those.  I found that I had a few minutes to spare at the end so I just did two sets of chinups (10 each) to hit my biceps instead of the planned biceps curls.  In the end, it still turned out to be a good workout!

Most of the remaining afternoon and evening was spent cooking my “power” foods.  I also unpacked and organised my stuff, which I hadn’t done last night!

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


3 thoughts on “Day 90: Setting Up Shop

  1. 10 chin ups! nice!
    Gym selection is usually limited. The bigger company chains usually have better equipment than small local gym’s, even though small gyms usually arent so busy and can be used more comfortably. Depends on what you want. Safest to look if they have a big-company gym on the net when travelling, and go to small/family owned gyms if no other gyms are availible.
    Most big-company websites have a search location option, so you can locate them where ever you are at the moment.

    Your doing a great job man, Shred on

  2. Ron, you are so disciplined and determined, how great!

    Finding a gym can be some kind of tricky, some hotel gyms are very lousy which I experienced in the last months.

    Keep up your fantastic work.


  3. Yes, Danny and Juli, it’s quite tricky to find the right gym. And I have found that most hotel/serviced apartment “gyms” are nothing more than a treadmill, stationary bike, and a multi-machine in most cases, unless you’re at a really fancy hotel.

    Another thing that’s killing me is how expensive it can get if you don’t get a contract with a gym and stick with a pay-as-you-go membership.

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