Day 89: Transition

Day 89

Metabolic Surge: Strength/Recovery Phase, Day 4

It’s been a long day for me, so I’m keeping it pretty short this time.

After having my breakfast, I continued packing my stuff (I wasn’t able to really pack last night, it was mostly organizing). By the time I finished packing, it was time to have my second meal, check out, and then off to the airport for me. I packed another set of my improved choco-banana-oatmeal protein pancakes (now with cinammon!), turkey omelette, and fruit for the trip. As expected, the food on the two flights I was on (I went via Sydney) was not substantial nor balanced enough, so I supplemented or substituted with my packed stuff to make up the difference.

After arriving in Adelaide a bit later than scheduled, I was picked up by my work partner here and shown my new apartment, then we headed off for dinner with his boss at an Indian restaurant. The food was wonderful (and a bit too filling; must be the mango lassi, which I drank while my hosts drank beer). I enjoyed the meal knowing that after it I was back on a better-controlled meal plan again. I was still able to eat approximately every 3 hours throughout the day, so my objectives for the day were mostly met.

My hosts had thoughtfully stocked the apartment fridge for me with eggs, fruit, and wholegrain bread (and I had some oatmeal packed in my suitcase), so I should be good for breakfast tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll find out where I can do my workouts, and do a bit of food shopping.

It’s a new city and a new mission.

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


4 thoughts on “Day 89: Transition

  1. Ron, good luck with all the new things and people in your life. All this, including you new mission will be a success. I know it!

    You are a real role-model.


  2. Ron – make sure you stay in contact about your trip west. Freo is not too far away for me to make a trip up mate! Would be great to be able to catch up with you. Yes, I will be ripped by early next year without a doubt!

  3. Hi Ron,
    Thanx so much for all your support over in my blog. Loved seeing you with Adam, and wish you luck in your new apartment and new city and job. Changes are never easy, and will send vibes for all to work out well. Have a good weekend!

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