Day 88: Lucky Day

Day 88

Metabolic Surge: Strength/Recovery Phase, Day 3

I woke up today looking forward to the day ahead.  It was my last day at work for our company’s client here in Brisbane, so most of the day was spent tying loose ends and taking note of things to follow up after I leave.  There was also a simple get-together to thank the people involved in the project, of course with a spread of food for everybody.  Although it wasn’t a “clean” meal, it was also a “reward” meal for me for successfully completing the project, so as long as I kept an eye out for how much I ate, I wasn’t too worried.  My project partner thoughtfully made sure there was fruit and protein served, so I have to thank him for looking out for me.

After saying goodbye to everybody at work, I then drove out and rushed to meet my friend, whom I had been arranging to meet for a few days.

Meeting Adam Waters in Brisbane

Meeting Adam Waters in Brisbane

Yes, Adam Waters, in the flesh!  It was such a rush being able to meet him!  It couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.  I was very fortunate to to be able to discuss with him my motivations, my goals, what contributed to my success on my just-concluded first mission, and what my plans are for my future missions.  Our meeting actually impacted one my scheduled meals (and his workout), but hey, it’s all for a greater good!

Thanks a lot Adam for taking time out from your busy schedule to meet with me.  You have been a tremendous inspiration, and I wish you success with all your future missions!  Congratulations too on achieving 700 days of shredding!  Quadruple digits is just around the corner.

Now, you may be wondering why I entitled this post “Lucky Day”.  I was lucky to have the end of my work project coincide with the Strength and Recovery phase of my program, so I did not feel guilty with rewarding myself with food I would normally not have during the strict shredding phases.  I was lucky that my the end of my first mission coincided with Adam being in Brisbane.  I was lucky to already have already bought a GPS just two weeks ago, so I could meet Adam wherever was convenient for him, in a city largely unfamiliar to me.  I was lucky that where he wanted to meet was not far from where I was staying.  But… luck only takes you so far.

How many times have you waited for the “perfect” conditions to finally make your fitness dreams come true?  How many times have you realized that you have let a good opportunity pass?

In my case, I knew that if I did not find a way to arrange a meeting with Adam while I’m in Brisbane, I will rue the missed opportunity forever.  So I contacted him several ways before I finally got a “hit” and got a reply back.  I arranged to have my service car returned a day later so that I could have transportation to meet him.  I moved my workout a day forward so that I could be available when he was available.  I’ve read that most “lucky” people create their own luck by learning to recognize those opportunities and grabbing them by the horns when they come.  They also are willing to take risks and do that extra bit to get things done in less than perfect conditions.

(Hey, incidentally, today is my day 88.  Double-Eight is especially lucky to the Chinese!)

As today is a non-training day, I just focused on eating clean, save for the planned get-together in the morning.   It also gives me time to pack my bags and prepare for my trip tomorrow to my next project in Adelaide.  I will definitely have Brisbane close to my heart as it is the place where I decided to see, and finally saw, my abs for the first time!

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


8 thoughts on “Day 88: Lucky Day

  1. Great stuff! 🙂 I plan to stalk Adam when I’m in Brisbane next year (watch your back, Waters!).

    I’m looking forward to seeing your next steps, Ron. Good luck in your move to Adelaide; it’s quieter than Brisbane but you’ll like it, I’m sure.

  2. What an amazing time you are at now! I hope to see even greater things from you! By the way you back is really becoming defined! Whoa!

  3. Ron, so exciting for you to get to meet up with Adam. He’s a class act! You really made great progress in your 84 days! What a great reward to meet Adam at the conclusion of this mission in awesome shape! looking forward to your continued success and missions! You have indeed been a great support around the shreddershere!

  4. Hi Mike, Mark, Julie, Suzette, and Lilla,

    Yup, I felt like a fanboy with him!

    Adam has really taught me to create my own luck and take massive action, and that was reaffirmed when we talked. I’ll be creating more “luck” for myself, details to come soon 🙂

  5. Ron, first congrats on your first 84 day mission.

    Sounds like you & Adam had a great time at your meeting. What a wonderful opportunity that you made happen.

    Maybe there is something to the double eights….

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