Day 87: Changing Plans on the Fly

Day 87

Metabolic Surge: Strength/Recovery Phase, Day 2

Hola, Shredders!

Today was supposed to be the second rest day on my Metabolic Surge program, but I had to do a quick change of plans in the morning.  I was to meet with a friend here in Brisbane this evening before I leave on Friday.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it, so we made plans to meet tomorrow evening instead.  So I quickly adjusted my plans to bring forward my workout for tomorrow and switch it with today’s rest day.

I dropped by the gym after work for Strength Training, where the focus was on lifting the heavy weights that could not otherwise be done during Phases 1 to 3 of Metabolic Surge, as the exercises there were designed to increase metabolism through increased density (shorter rest periods).  After getting used to 20-second, 10-second, or even no rest periods (substituting 40 seconds rest with cardio), the 1-minute rest periods between each “normal” set seemed to me like a long time.  However, this rest was needed to be able to do the increased loads.

As I was back at the “big” gym during the after-work rush hour, it was impossible for me to get on to the single squat rack to do barbell squats, so I substituted a hack squat instead.  I wasn’t used to doing this exercise, so though i wasn’t able to really optimize the weight (I chose too heavy a weight) and range of movement, I know that there was still some training effect as my legs were simply not used to the exercise.  I also know that one reason why I could not push 100% was because I was still needing one more day of recovery after the hectic last two days of Phase 3.

It was the same situation with stiff-legged deadlifts.  The squat rack was still occupied and the other two olympic bars were on the benches, so I did stiff-legged deadlifts with dumbbells instead.  I had to move heavy weights and I did, but this time, the limiting factor was my grip strength endurance.  I still was able to do the required sets and reps, though my hands were really burning at the end of each set!  I know I could have done even better if my grip strength and endurance were better.

The only exercise where I was really able to push was the standing calf raises.  It was good to have that machine at this particular gym, as the other gym I had been using didn’t have it, so I made do with using the leg press machine for my calf exercises then.

Nutrition was still good, nice and balanced, lots of fruit, though I did allow myself a few sweet biscuits/cookies for afternoon tea.

Lesson for the day is to be flexible enough to adjust your training/nutrition plan when the need arises, but still stay focused on the big picture and not let unexpected changes derail you.

Keep focused on your goals, eat clean, train hard, and expect success!


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